Larry Clark, "Untitled" (from Teenage Lust). Courtesy Luring Augustine Gallery.                 What Photography Was The battle for photography is pretty much over. If you can sell it as art, it's art. Of course, bigger is better because bigger has got to be more expensive. On the upside categories are unstable -- which infuriates the insecure. And since categories rule, who or what will be in charge when they are … [Read more...]


Prague in the Fog          The Prague Balance Sheet Travel is one of those mysteries I will never understand. Certain cities you know you will like ahead of time (Reykjavik, Rio); some will take you by surprise (Stockholm). Others, like Prague, are cities you know you should like but...      The Czech language is made up entirely of consonants, yet is enough like the Polish of my grandmother to give me a craving for stuffed … [Read more...]