Six Ways of Looking at the New MoMA MoMA from 54th Street 1. Cash-Flow A former director of a nonprofit art institution might look at the newly expanded MoMA -- Super-MoMA, MoMA IV, and MoMA Redux -- in a particular way. He or she would see income-generating party spaces. Earned income equals cash-flow solutions. (How the Museum of Modern Art became The Modern and then MoMA is another story. Branding is all. For a more friendly tag, I suggest the name … [Read more...]


Daniel Rothbart, Meditation/Mediation (Camels, Wadi Shlomo, Israel) Camels Munching and the Mississippi Passing By In a Roman backyard near a big tree, a man singing softly to himself walks around a circle of twelve cast-aluminum bowls of various sizes; he stops, kneels down and sings into the largest bowl; then he gets up and taps it with an aluminum gong-striker that looks like a giant sex-toy. The man is the artist Lucio Pozzi. An anonymous "Algerian Entertainer" in an Israeli hotel is seen … [Read more...]


David Altmejd, The University 2 A Werewolf in Brooklyn I first saw David Altmejd's work in the last Whitney Biennial. In my Artopia essay I gave his Delicate Men in Positions of Power a prize for The Most Strangely Creepy and Oddly Moving Installation. The prize could have been for the best werewolf art, the best art about werewolves. Now at the Andrea Rosen Gallery in Chelsea (525 W. 24th St., to Nov. 27) we can get another look at what this artist is up to. I think it best to concentrate on … [Read more...]