Tamara Rojo Faces Down BBC’s ‘HARDtalk’ With ‘Joy’

Tamara Rojo BBC

The Royal Ballet star, now artistic director of English National Ballet, tells the famously confrontational interview program that “We never spend any time talking about the joy, about the huge satisfaction that being a ballet dancer gives you.” (video)

Whatever Happened to That Other Choreographer Who Premiered Alongside Liam Scarlett?

choreographer and dancer Jonathan Watkins

“In the spring of 2010, two budding choreographers made their main stage debuts at the Royal Opera House – Liam Scarlett and Jonathan Watkins, both twentysomething dancers with the Royal Ballet.” Scarlett has made conventional career progress at Covent Garden; Watkins went home to Yorkshire and created a dance about a boy and his pet raptor.

Martha Graham’s Asian Connection

Martha Graham Asian connection

Wendy Perron: “I’ve read that Graham cultivated an Eastern look herself and was flattered whenever anyone mistook her for Asian. Some think that, since she had a long torso and short legs, her close-to-the-floor technique was particularly suited to Asian bodies. … Whatever the reason, more Asian dancers have found a home in Graham’s company than in any other modern dance group – and most have been beyond brilliant.”

Pittsburgh Symphony Puts Off Proposed Tour to Iran

Iran Pittsburgh Symphony

“The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra announced Wednesday that it will delay the target date for a potential concert tour in Iran … Originally proposed for late August or September, the tour will now be planned for an unspecified date during the 2014-15 fiscal year, which starts in September.”

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Investing In People (Or Indentured Servitude?)


“Companies like Upstart, Pave, and Lumni are acting like Kickstarter platforms for people instead of businesses or products. Through them, it’s possible to invest in a human being, funding their education or professional development and getting a cut of their future profits in return.”

Jazz’s Gender Problem – Chicken Or Egg?


“Clearly the rising gender parity of instrumentalists on the bandstand is an inspiration to other women to perform the music, but the question remains open as to whether their presence can equally translate to women in the audience for the music.”

Will The BBC’s Big New Arts Initiative Gain Wide Support?

BBC Proms

“Will it meet with a welcoming, needy response from audiences, longing for access to the world of Glyndebourne, the Hay-on-Wye literary festival and the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, as well as, say, the Rolling Stones at Glastonbury and the Last Night of the Proms, current fixtures?”

Report: Fewer Americans Are Going To Movie Theatres


“The number of tickets sold fell nearly 11% between 2004 and 2013, according to the report, while box office revenue increased 17%. With home-entertainment options improving all the time— whether streamed movies and television, video games, or mobile apps—and studios releasing fewer movies, people are less likely to head to their local multiplex.”