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Christoph Eschenbach Extends His Contract At National Symphony Through 2017


Anne Midgette: “The start of Eschenbach’s tenure appeared to be reinvigorating the orchestra, and the two international tours within eight months in 2012 and 2013, to South America and to Europe, boosted morale and the orchestra’s profile … Yet for all of the new energy, Eschenbach’s concerts with the orchestra have not consistently represented the kind of vital music-making one might have hoped.”

Orchestras Jump Into Streaming In A Big Way


“No one is quite sure how the trend will end up, and whether it will succeed at making money or building audiences. But many music organizations say they believe such web streams will prove helpful, saying that they must find audiences where they are, in an era when sales of CDs and digital downloads are declining, and streaming services like Spotify and Pandora are growing rapidly.”

Science Answers: What Women Look For In A Male Partner’s Dance Moves


“They found that women rated dancers higher when they showed larger and more variable movements of the head, neck and torso. Speed of leg movements mattered too, particularly bending and twisting of the right knee. In what might be bad news for the 20% of the population who is left-footed, left knee movement didn’t seem to matter.”

Ancient Fresco Stolen Off The Wall In Pompeii


“An initial theory that the fresco had been taken away for conservation was quickly disproved. Another wall painting fragment, from the House of the Orchard, was previously stolen from an on-site laboratory during restoration, the Italian newspaper La Repubblica reports.”

Compare Paintings And Google Street Images To See How London Has Changed (Way Cool)


“Redditor Shystone has laid old paintings over Google Street View photographs to create a series of perspective-bending composite images of old and new London. Modern sculptures dominate a plaza that was once wide open; neon signs reside on the same block as gas-lit streetlights; and a bridge covers over a river that was once filled with sailboats.”

Flavor Of The Month: Behavioral Economics (It Can Explain Everything!)


“So popular is the field that behavioural economics is now often misapplied as a catch-all term to refer to almost anything that’s cool in popular social science, from the storycraft of Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point (2000), to the empirical investigations of Steven Levitt, co-author of Freakonomics (2005).”

What Alain de Botton Doesn’t Understand About Art


“If Alain ruled the world – let’s say he were one of Plato’s philosopher-kings (never mind that Plato distrusted art and wished to banish it) – museum captions would offer more than bland, neutral facts like name and date, but moral instructions ‘appropriate’ to the work of art, prompting us to, for example, ‘remember to be patient’.”