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The Faster You Die, The More Popular The Video Game

Flappy Bird

“Apparently life isn’t tough enough for those of us who seek amusement in failure’s premiere form of entertainment. Taxes, relationships and health troubles not stressful enough? Play an arduous video game that you’ll fail at in seconds. Millions of people do.”

By The Way, Rosebud Was … An Indicator Of The Value Of Spoilers


“There has to be a statute of limitations established; and we have to stop being over-precious as well, because this spoiler sensitivity is really revoltingly self-centred. Personally, I’m always asking people about films, and I now have to tell a lie (‘No, I’ll never see it. What happens?’) – just to get the goods.”

Why Is Hollywood So Obsessed With Doppelgängers Lately?


“Our active pursuit of our own doppelgängers, though, would strike many throughout history as odd, if not suicidal: Encountering your match has long been considered a harbinger of death, or at least very bad luck. We all have a double in the world, the mythology goes, and most of us will never meet that person. But if we do, the universe only has space for one.”

Mitch Leigh, Who Wrote ‘Man of La Mancha,’ Dead At 86

Mitch Leigh

“Mitch Leigh, the Brooklyn-born son of a Jewish furrier from Ukraine, had no theater experience to speak of. All he had ever done was compose incidental music for a couple of short-lived Broadway comedies — “Too True to Be Good” (1963) and “Never Live Over a Pretzel Factory” (1964).”

In Greece, Nobody (Except The Government) Wants To Sell Off Famous Greek Buildings Near The Acropolis


“Furious opponents marched through the city centre at the weekend to denounce the ‘illegal sale’ of the country’s heritage. More than four years into debt-stricken Greece’s prolonged economic crisis, many described the step as the height of humiliation for a nation already hit by excoriating austerity and record levels of poverty and unemployment.”

Would Plato Tweet About His Lunch? (Hint: Unlikely)


“What can we do to give our lives a moreness that will help withstand the eons of time that will soon cover us over, blotting out the fact that we ever existed at all? Really, why did we bother to show up for our existence in the first place? The Greek speakers were as obsessed with this question as we are.”

Wait, What If Uptalk Is Just A Normal Way For Millennials To Speak Now?

Holly L. Derr

“Young women — surrounded in every other part of their lives by women who talk just like they do — are increasingly responding to mentors, teachers, and bosses who try to help them overcome these vocal habits by, as Ratner did, arguing that they shouldn’t have to change for society. Society should change for them. People should learn that asking questions and using uptalk is a sign of caring what the other person thinks, not of submissiveness.”

War, Secret Love, Death – Keys To Tove Jansson’s Moomintrolls


“You could read this as being the lesbian love between Tove and Vivicka. They have their secret love in this suitcase, and when they open the suitcase and show it to the whole of Moominvalley it is also a picture of how they show their love to the world. It’s a really beautiful story.”

Heirs Of Peggy Guggenheim Sue New York Foundation

peggy guggenheim

“They are calling for the revocation of Peggy Guggenheim’s donation to the foundation because of the organisation’s ‘failure to comply with the conditions under which it was granted'” – not to mention the accusation that the foundation is desecrating her grave.

Should Actors Say Goodbye To California?

california jobs

“If you’re having trouble getting in rooms in L.A. and you’re open to moving, or you have some sort of connection to the Southeast, then you’re better off moving to a hub like New Orleans or Atlanta and taking advantage of this market.”