Ceci N’est Pas ‘Swan Lake’

ceci nest pas Swan Lake Maillot

“It’s not a rereading of Swan Lake, it’s another thing, which is why I’ve called it Lac,” says choreographer Jean-Christophe Maillot of his rereading of Swan Lake more primal take on the Tchaikovsky score, which he created for his company, the reborn Ballets de Monte Carlo.

I Made the Muslim Hipster Video

Muslim hipsters

The original #mipster, Layla Shaikley, describes the exciting responses – and the dismaying backlashes – to the two-and-a-half-minute video clip that went viral last year.

Nôtre-Dame de Paris Gets a Lighting Makeover

Notre Dame LEDs

“Many things look better with crisp-edged LEDs – traffic signals, airplane cabins, perhaps even Christmas lights. But what about the moody, atmospheric interior of a 12th-century French-Gothic cathedral?” Oh, yes – have a look and see.

Could Phobias and Addictions Be Treated With a Pill?

phobias with pills

“Drugs that work to boost learning may help someone with a phobia to ‘detrain their brain’, losing the fearful associations that fuel their panic. This approach is also showing promise for a host of other problems – from chemical and gambling addictions to obsessive nail-biting.”

Man Saved By Pianos In NYC Building Collapse

NYC Explosion

“The pianos flew in the air — pianos were all around me,” he said. “They were literally on their side. I was stuck in some miraculous cocoon” of pianos, he said of the massive wood and steel instruments that fell benignly around his body — shielding him from the weight of five stories worth of debris.

Is Your DNA As An Actor Set In The Womb?


“While raw talent and rigorous training are clearly vital, recent research suggests the importance of an even more fundamental factor: The level of testosterone the budding thespian was exposed to in his or her mother’s womb.”

Sotheby’s Under Attack (And How What The Auction House Does Might Utterly Change)

Sotheby's Spring 2010 Impressionist, Modern, Contemporary Art Preview

There’s a “battle between the Sotheby’s Old Guard and a financier who views artworks as financial assets that trade in a market made by the auction houses. The confrontation figures to get bitter and bruising between now and May, but at its center there sits a rather more exalted question: How do you properly value art?”

Getty Endowment Recovers


“An audited financial statement posted on the Getty’s website reflects investment gains totaling $766.74 million from mid-2012 to mid-2013, enough to cover expenses while socking away about $534 million for the endowment. Officials said the endowment gained an additional $300 million during the second half of 2013, reaching $6.2 billion by year’s end.”

Missing Norman Rockwell Turns Up in Ohio

missing Rockwell

“The 1939 painting, called Sport, was used as one of the many Saturday Evening Post covers for which the artist is well-known. It sold last spring for more than $1 million at an auction in New York and disappeared later last year” – in Queens, yet again.