Musicals Storm Olivier Award Nominations

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Merrily We Roll Along take seven nominations each, while The Book of Mormon, Once and The Scottsboro Boys each get six. Meanwhile, in the best director category, women outnumber men 3-to-1.

‘Inherent Dullness’? Pah! How About ‘Soul-Searing Passion’? A Sports Journalist Goes to the Symphony

soul-searing passion Petrenko

“I heard drama; I saw drama, great swaying, soaring playing full of determination and vigour, its pace never letting up. (I’m stunned how still the rest of the audience appeared to manage to sit. My head had gone a bit I think.)” Soccer writer Neil Atkinson visits the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic.

Actress Wendy Hughes, 61

Wendy Hughes

“Her career spanned four decades, from … iconic Australian television series Homicide and Number 96, through to numerous film projects including My Brilliant Career and Careful, He Might Hear You.

Death of a Creation Myth: Jackson Pollock’s ‘Mural’

Jackson Pollock Mural

“Despite claims made and repeated for decades” – including by Lee Krasner (Pollock’s wife), Peggy Guggenheim (who commissioned the work) and critic Clement Greenberg – “Pollock did not paint the epic canvas in one great, glorious burst of nonstop creative fervor.” Christopher Knight explains how the myth got busted.

Korean Food Porn Is a Big Online Hit

Korean food porn Choi

“Every night at 10, thousands of Koreans tune in to watch Choi Ji-hwan eating on streaming video. The chubby-cheeked 24-year-old offers up a cooking lesson and then, in his main online act, devours a dish like kimchi pork stew in a wild, comic performance meant to make clear how much he enjoys a good meal.” (includes video)

CNN Discovers That Ballet Can Be Manly

Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake

“Tutus have been replaced with bare chests and tights, pointe shoes have been tossed aside for slippers, and delicate décolletages have been swapped for beefed-up biceps. Once the traditional arena of lithe ladies, ballet is seeing an increasing number of all-male shows – in one of the biggest shake-ups in the history of the profession.” (includes video)

Drunk Disrupts Dude at Disney


Gustavo Dudamel had to stop the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s performance of John Corigliano’s First Symphony on Friday night when an inebriated latecomer decided – very loudly and a bit violently – that he shouldn’t have to wait for a break in the music to enter the auditorium.

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Record Just Broken: The Longest-Running Theatre Production In History


“So exactly how long-running is the Charlottetown Festival production that plays at Confederation Centre in the greater scheme of things? Well, this season, Anne of Green Gables – which features music by Norman Campbell and words by Campbell, Don Harron, Elaine Campbell and Mavor Moore – by will be performed for a 50th consecutive summer in Charlottetown.”

Body Work: Grueling Training, Schedules Take Toll On Dancers


“Four out of five will suffer a severe injury during the course of their dancing career — and two out of those four will never fully recover. Injuries, more often than not, are the result of fatigue and repeated strain on muscles and joints, rather than unpredictable accidents.”

Weighing Over A Deal For Detroit Institute of Arts


“Formally severing Detroit’s ownership of the DIA would be at once revolutionary and conservative. It would represent a landmark in the the history of the museum, forever liberating it from the vagaries of city finances and politics at the root of many of the DIA’s struggles through the decades. Moreover, no city has ever ceded ownership of an art collection of such stature or financial value — estimates range in the billions.”

Glenn Beck, Culture Producer?


“Beck has three major motion pictures in development, and they will have a decidedly different outlook from the doom-and-gloom scenarios his Fox News viewers became accustomed to.”

Bloomberg News Quits Arts Coverage


“It is especially inexplicable that Bloomberg News would ignore arts and design when award-winning and insightful architecture and design in its own facilities and terminals has abetted the company’s success. Contemporary art is widely found in the Bloomberg workplace.”

Why We Need To Reinvent The Ways We Write Online


“The way media is changing isn’t entirely positive when it comes to creating a more informed citizenry. Now that we’ve made sharing information virtually effortless, how do we increase depth of understanding, while also creating a level playing field that encourages ideas that come from anywhere?”

The Onion Breaks The Story: National Endowment For The Arts To Award $80 Million For Talentless Hacks


“The independent federal agency said it intends to provide the nation’s exceptionally unskilled and deluded artists with cash grants ranging from $10,000 to $25,000 in order to sway them from continuing with their derivative and atrocious work, thereby significantly bolstering the overall quality of art in the United States.”

The World’s Rarest Jazz 78s Were Found Here


“In the 1940s, the Jazz Record Center became the default clubhouse for a cabal of distinctive gentlemen: exiles, recluses, characters so outsize in their eccentricities that they felt invented, except better. Here there was not a sense—as with the archetypal Outsider—that a choice had been made. Here, the earliest collectors of 78 rpm records found each other.”