Top Posts From AJBlogs 03.03.14

Robert Ashley, 1930-2014
AJBlog: PostClassic | Published 2014-03-04

Star-Power? The Detroit Institute of Arts?
AJBlog: Real Clear Arts | Published 2014-03-04

Novelists in the New Economy, and a National-ist Goes Classical
AJBlog: CultureCrash | Published 2014-03-03

Hidden history
AJBlog: Sandow | Published 2014-03-03

Structure matters
AJBlog: The Artful Manager | Published 2014-03-03


Why The Razzies Are A Joke Past Its Prime


“Uproarious disasters and offbeat passion projects are lumped in with the bland and forgettable, with precedence given to nominees who are famous, attractive and/or rich. (In that respect, the Razzies is notably shallower than the ceremonies it supposedly sends up.)”

What Tech Companies Desperately Need: English Majors


“As important as the technology is that powers our lives, businesses also depend on humanities-oriented communicators to articulate why the technology matters. Indeed, every technology company, and certainly every startup trying to make its imprint on the world, needs English majors. Perhaps many.”

What’s Wrong With Art Today


“Big art, big artists, big dealers and big money play their roles in a hypnotic and well-rehearsed production, and toothy smiles abound. Yet this intoxicating spectacle is just the most public manifestation of a problem in the art world that has become increasingly obvious over the past decade: more and more, the cart is pulling the horse.”