So It Begins: Netflix Pays Comcast To Keep Streaming Speeds Up

Special Screening Of Netflix's "House Of Cards" Season 2 - Red Carpet

“For Netflix users who are Comcast subscribers, the pact should mean better quality. Customers have been complaining about problems streaming Netflix videos. The online video service’s monthly tracking of Internet speeds shows a deterioration in recent months for Comcast and Verizon subscribers, though the reasons for slow-down are a matter of dispute.”

So, Is Ice Dance Headed For Reality TV Too?

Ice Dance TV

Gold-medal winners Davis and White “have a small window of opportunity. The Winter Olympics soon will be forgotten by general sports fans, who quickly will move on to other things, because spring training is heating up and then March Madness is right around the corner.”

The Best Directing Talent Is Coming From The Art World. Why?

Steve Mcqueen

“There’s a wee bit of a gap that has closed down. I remember seeing Billy Wilder being led around this exhibition of conceptual film. He was being really dismissive and saying ‘A 12-year-old could do that.’ You wouldn’t get that attitude from George Clooney, Brad Pitt or James Franco.”

A Battle (Lightly) Wages In London, Should Heritage Or Development Come First?

smithfield general market

“In a wise world a way might be found to have the best of both plans. The hall could be kept, along with a new office building higher than the low-ish stepped design currently proposed, which for reasons of townscape feels obliged to limbo dance beneath an invisible height limit. It could be beautiful, this coexistence of market and office building, not a compromise.”

An Artist Discovers The Performance Perils (And Promise) Of Dogshows

Victoria Melody Major Tom 1

“The show was initially going to be just about all the dog contests Major was entered in – including the one where he wins biggest ears in a show in south-east England – until Melody started to feel a growing sense of guilt. If she was going to force him to compete, and subject him to a judging panel, shouldn’t she put herself through a similar experience?”

Art Is Collective Energy, Right? So The Whitney Biennial Believes

YAM Collective

“Donna De Salvo, the museum’s chief curator and deputy director of programs, said the form is ‘extremely vital,’ offering opportunities in an art market that has become harder to penetrate. The Internet and social media allow artists to come together over many miles, and, as lines blur between disciplines, collectives fulfill the greater need for collaborations.”

Time To Train Kids In Theatre Etiquette?

'Kids are the most demanding audience because they tend to respond entirely honestly to what they ar

“Often it’s the adults, not the children, who are badly behaved. I have seen adult audiences bristle at the arrival of a school party at the theatre, as if they resent the intrusion of young people into what they see as an adult-only arena.”

You Can Ride An ArtBike To The Armory (Art) Show

Armory ArtBike

“The bikes will be wrapped in a removable graphic paper with a design by the fair’s 2014 commissioned artist, Xu Zhen. Titled ‘Under Heaven (detail),’ the designs — based on a larger work by the artist — apply much like a decal and will be removed when the fair ends.”