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“The Creative Economy,” and Malcolm Cowley
Source: CultureCrash | Published on 2014-02-12

Will Venice Get An Islamic Art Museum? Free?
Source: Real Clear Arts | Published on 2014-02-13

Flying with Broken Wings
Source: Dancebeat | Published on 2014-02-13

Under the Influence: Pawel Althamer’s States of Consciousness at New Museum (with video)
Source: CultureGrrl | Published on 2014-02-12

Source: Engaging Matters | Published on 2014-02-12





Obama Nominates Jane Chu For NEA Chairman


“Chu has led the Kansas City’s Kauffman Center since 2006. She was an executive at the Kauffman Fund for Kansas City from 2004 to 2006, and VP of external relations for Union Station Kansas City from 2002 to 2004. She also has degrees in visual arts, piano performance and music education.”

Felix Salmon: We Should Be Happy About How The Sharing Of News Is Evolving


“We’re at an excitingly early stage in working out how to best produce and provide news in a social world. There are lots of business models that might work; there are also editorial models that look like they work until they don’t. But if you look at the news business as a whole, rather than at individual companies, it’s almost impossible not to be incredibly optimistic.”

Allegations Of Payola At PBS


The new revelation “follows a wave of damning revelations about the influence of super-wealthy political interests over public broadcasting. Thanks to collusion with PBS executives, those monied interests are increasingly permitted to launder their ideological and self-serving messages through the seeming objectivity of public television.”

What Should Artists Charge For Their Work? (A Formula)


“I’m curious to know what would happen if an organization advertised the fact that it pays its artists and collaborators fees that are respectful of the artist’s work. To me, it would demonstrate a deeper commitment to the arts than any mission statement ever could.”

Behind The TV Dance Shows


“In the last decade, dance on TV has become popular, sometimes wildly so. Dancing With the Stars launched in 2004 and is one of Nielsen’s highest-rated primetime programs. So You Think You Can Dance (2005) has had rating ups and downs but its contestants are generally exceptional and it has a strong fan base.”

Why Is Opera Still Thought To Be Elitist?

La Boheme at Kings Head pub theatre

Today, opera is routinely styled as the antithesis of everyday life. The clash of opera (assumed to be “posh”) with “ordinary people” is a formula wheeled out repeatedly in reality TV series such as From Pop Star to Opera Star and Maestro at the Opera.

Hollywood Should Probably Die (But It Won’t, And Here’s Why)

Netflix's House of Cards, season 2.

“Hollywood is the closest thing the business world has to a Roman Empire: a largely self-sustaining, self-contained industry, reigning supreme over most premium content in most media channels. And like Rome, the entertainment business has plenty of enemies who’d love to watch it burn. They probably won’t get their wish.”

On The Nature Of News (And How We Get It)


“In the medieval world, news was usually exchanged amid the babble of the marketplace or the tavern, where truth competed with rumour, mishearing and misunderstanding. In some respects, it is to that world that we seem to be returning.”

New Revelation: Japan’s “Beethoven” Can Hear (And His Recordings Are Selling Like Crazy Despite Scandal)


Despite astonishment and outrage to the ghostwriting scandal, music credited to Mamoru Samuragochi is surging in sales. “Hiroshima” was No. 1 in classical CD sales in the latest Oricon weekly ranking and surged to No. 27 overall in Japan, selling more than 2,000 copies over the past week. His label has said it will stop sales.

Do We Want Poetry? Better: Do We Need Poetry?

poetry coffee-web

“Poetry is dead by capitalism’s standards—it is not an obvious moneymaking venture, despite traceable employment and readings’ payoffs via the academy—and that emboldens some folks limited by capitalist blinders to herald poetry’s last breath.”

Shirley Temple Black, the Child Star Who Wasn’t a Cautionary Tale

Shirley Temple

Surely the anti-Lindsay Lohan, STB, who has died at age 85, was a creature of Hollywood who survived being the most famous preschooler on the planet to become a well-adjusted, successful, meltdown-free adult. “If she emerged unscarred, it’s not for the film industry’s lack of trying.” How did she do it?