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Cultural Sites: Taking Stock In Syria
Source: Real Clear Arts | Published on 2014-01-27

Libraries As Museums (We’ve Got To Preserve Printed Books)

New chapter … a man reading a book at Ventnor library on the Isle of Wight.

“The role of libraries is essential here, as secure repositories for the written word. And here I must admit a fear. In their rush to digitisation – an enthusiasm I find in most librarians I meet – there is the danger that libraries may too quickly abandon their crucial historical role.”

Don’t Expect MOOCs To Replace College, But So What?


“In the end of the day, a lot of us are really in it for innovation, for really changing the access that people have. Most of our students right now would never ever be able to go to a physical campus, and now we can reach them with education at home, and also the ability to be very contemporary.”

Remembering Herblock, Cartoonist Extraordinaire


“Almost singlehanded, he rescued the craft of editorial cartooning from a fen of mediocrity, then turned his sharp pen on the most important issues of his long lifetime, from tyranny to human rights.”

Has The MFA Been Killing Art?


“The fact that artists are now minted by universities (and degree-granting art schools modeled on the university) may have done wonders for their social standing, but it’s also been a source of worry to many critics and artists, who think something of great value might be lost by the professionalization of the artist.”