Look, Virtual Worlds *Are* Real Worlds

World of Warcraft, Blood in the Snow

“As with every new communication tool, scientific and practical questions abound. How is using an avatar different from typed chat alone? Do people maintain a sense of personal space when using digital avatars, or do they create new social norms?”

What’s The Point Of Such A Lengthy Awards Season?

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 7.47.37 PM

“People are still talking and arguing about the relative merits of artistically ambitious films such as ’12 Years a Slave’ and Alfonso Cuaron’s ‘Gravity,’ both released in October, as well as more recent party-joiners such as David O. Russell’s ‘American Hustle’ and Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,'”

And The Rest Of The Grammys Were Kind Of Fun Too

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“The Grammy Awards begin with a look to 2015, as the husband-and-wife pairing of Beyoncé and Jay Z open the show, complete with epileptic-inducing lighting, with ‘Drunk in Love.’ As a performer, Beyoncé is magnetic, her every twist or spin around a spare stage adorned only with a chair eliciting gasps.”

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Is This The Writing Career Of The Future?

Invisible Labor

“I’ll always be doing some variation of this current schedule: working primarily for an organization I really believe in, assisting someone I respect and admire who provides me with challenging and well-paid work, and working on my own personal projects as a writer.”

The Theatre Artist Who Got Famous Thanks To A Viral Post

Kristina Wong

“Kristina Wong has crashed Miss Chinatown pageants as a pimply, cigar-smoking, over-the-hill contestant. She has posed as a rabid Jeremy Lin fan, waving sexually suggestive signs at the NBA player’s games. On a sewing machine in her Koreatown apartment, she makes vagina puppets out of colored felt.”