Marilyn Horne At 80


“Her hair is white, her gait a tad unsteady, and she underwent treatment for pancreatic cancer in 2006 and 2007, but her build is still solid, her skin firm, her voice strong, her eyes twinkling, and her cancer gone. When she comes out on stage, she’s used to dominating it, even if her performance these days is devoted less to the operas of Rossini and more to singing the praises of her three grandchildren, Daisy, Henry and Alex.”

Dance’s Injury Problem (Why Does It Have To Be This Way?)


“Ballet has for centuries been taught by its high priests like a sacred mystery, shut off from medical analysis of its principles. Given the horrendously high rate of injury it seems to entail (mostly related to repetitive strain rather than sudden accident), isn’t it time that a comprehensive review, informed by modern physiology, was made of its theories and practices?”

How Netflix Is Taking Over TV


“The true threat to HBO and the cable business model is that NetFlix can transcend the television itself, offering you shows on all your devices.”

The Death Of Pop Music?


“While those born in the Sixties may cling to notions of pop’s ‘importance’, younger generations appear far less obsessive or even interested. Many argue that computer games, the internet and social media have filled the gap where buying vinyl and the music weeklies used to be.”

Classical Music Dying? It Isn’t A Very Sound Argument


“The most exciting music being created today is not the product of a single compositional aesthetic or the work of just one segment of the population. (Pick your prejudice and throw it away.) It cannot be contained geographically or be hermetically sealed up in impenetrable genre boxes.”

Admission To 9-11 Museum Will Be Expensive!


“At $24 per person, the new museum will be in the same league as the Museum of Modern Art ($25) and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (suggested admission of $25). That’s some stiff competition for an institution that has a very focused subject: the terrorist attacks of 1993 and 2001.”

Outside Auditors Slam Dublin’s Alley Theatre


“Reports by an independent panel of assessors suggest that the Abbey is struggling to meet its aim of being a world-class theatre. The assessors, appointed jointly by the Arts Council and the Abbey Theatre itself, gave just four of 12 productions marks that would rank them as very good.”

The World’s First Robot Theme Park


South Korea’s Masan Robot Land in Incheon – “whose English motto is ‘Fun & Fantasy with Robot! – will celebrate science fiction cyborgs and androids while also promoting popular interest in the robotics industry and robot culture.”

Ousted ‘WhatsOnStage’ Editor To Sue


“Former WhatsOnStage chief Terri Paddock has spoken out for the first time about her shock departure from the theatre website at the end of last year, describing it as ‘sudden and unexpected’. She said she had asked solicitors to pursue legal action on her behalf.”

Jasper Johns Testifies in U.S. Federal Court


“[He] discussed his methodology, corrected a lawyer on the pronunciation of the artist Robert Rauschenberg’s name and said, quite firmly, that he had never authorized a foundry owner to reproduce one of his famous works depicting the American flag.”

Atom Egoyan on Why Actors in a Feature Beat Real People in a Documentary


“In the documentaries [about the West Memphis Three] many of the characters implicate themselves by virtue of the fact that they’re performing for a documentary camera … And I felt that dramatically, using professional actors you could actually achieve a degree of naturalism that maybe in a documentary [you can’t, because] there’s always an agenda.” (audio)

Alice Munro Explains Why She Used to Get Hate Mail


“Many people then, and quite a few people now, want to read books that make them feel good, make them feel happy. … I didn’t understand that you read books in order to feel that the world is better than it is, and so I was offending without really understanding it for quite a while.”