The Return Of The Mozart Effect

Girl playing violin

“Playing Mozart and Beethoven to young children improves their listening skills, concentration and self-discipline, according to a study this week by the Institute of Education.”

Golden Globes Might Be A Bit More Diverse, But Hollywood Isn’t

Golden Globes

“This year’s awards, which celebrate the best writing, acting and production of the year, are being hailed as the most diverse yet, with a significant number of minority actors up for awards. … Beyond those standout actors and writers, Hollywood is still a tough town for minorities.”

We Know Corporations Are Rich, And They Have The Best Art, Too

Sculpture in garden

But that’s not new – there’a a “remarkable scale and breadth of art that has been collected by corporations since the Renaissance, when the Monte dei Paschi bank in Siena decided it needed nice things for its walls and established what is thought to be the first corporate art collection, in 1472.”

$20K Tuition Coming This Fall At Cooper Union


“The Board of Trustees announced they had voted against the Working Group’s report, which, among other things, suggested the school reduce faculty’s salary expenses, sell the school’s sole resident hall and slash the president’s salary.”

What Amiri Baraka Meant To Young Musicians


“Mr. Baraka got himself into trouble sometimes with the things he said, but then he got himself out, too, and it wasn’t his fault if you decided to pay attention only to the first part. He had an unshakable devotion to change, even if his ideas were imperfect.”

Nudity: Not All About Titillating TV Critics

Girls Season 3

Yes, sometimes Lena Dunham is nude to be amusing – but “the nudity on Girls often serves another valuable function that is neither funny nor sexy, in that it illustrates the intimacy between the show’s characters.”

Bad News For Barnes & Noble’s Nook


Seriously bad news: The Nook division over the holidays saw “a 60.5 percent drop compared with the nine-week holiday period a year earlier. Barnes & Noble executives said their total share of the e-book market had fallen to 20 percent.”

Stop And Think For Just A Second: Does Her Make ANY Sense?


“At bottom the hackneyed, infantile writing of Twombly underscores a terrible solipsism, a real, modern solipsism that is romanticized in a way that embodies the toxicity of modern life, and there’s nothing soft or clean or pleasurable about it at all.”

Tweeting Beowulf


The medievalist who compressed Beowulf into 100 tweets says it “forced me back to the Old English to try and capture, in the shortest possible length, what I thought were the essential components of the poem.”

The Real-Life Son Of Philomena


“Mr. Hess’s attempts to find his birth mother were unsuccessful — he made three trips back to the convent, where he was told by the nuns that they had no records about Ms. Lee and they had no idea how to find her — he did opt to be buried in Roscrea, in the hopes that Philomena would one day find him.”

Is Theatre Over? (And Other Questions For 2014)


“What does it say that the biggest ‘theater’ stories at the end of 2013 were about a TV show and a movie? Has the definition of theater changed? Can you call it theater if you’re not breathing the same air as the actors?”

How Well Do The Golden Globes Predict The Oscars?


“Ever since the Academy expanded its best picture category to as many as 10 nominees in 2009, only 59 percent of Golden Globe best picture nominees have earned Oscar nominations. The odds improve for the actual Golden Globe winners: 88 percent of them have gone on to earn Oscar nominations.”