Hunting For Beethoven

Beethoven Detective

“His job over the years has evolved into that of detective, applying his considerable forensic skills and his vast knowledge of the composer and his times to track down, verify and if possible acquire Beethoven documents and personal effects.”

The TSA’s Gallery Of Misfit Everything

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 9.10.17 PM

“Far from the eyes of holiday travelers, there is an art gallery with an ever-changing, carefully curated selection of remarkable pieces that say a great deal about the United States, security, consumerism and our general frame of mind.”

Should Composition Students Have To Jury?


“By the time everyone else is cramming for final exams and performance juries, composers should have already completed an appropriate amount of music and either have it performed and recorded or at least have created a decent aural mock-up to present to others.”

Joan Fontaine, 96, Star Of Hitchcock’s ‘Suspicion’


“It was Hitchcock, with his penchant for ‘cool blondes, who brought Fontaine to the forefront when he cast her as the second Mrs. de Winter in Rebecca (1940), the director’s American debut. Her performance as the new wife of Laurence Olivier in a household haunted by the death of his first wife earned her an Academy Award nomination.”

Fixing The National Portrait Gallery

Portrait painter Alice Instone artist in her studio at home in Kent.

“Early in her career, [Alice Instone] wrote to Cherie Blair, explaining her mission to give women the painterly attention lavished on men. She was thinking of women of influence – the National Portrait Gallery, she points out, is overcrowded with paintings of famous men.”

Bond, James Bond, Impotent Drunk


“Doctors analysing the Ian Fleming novels show James Bond polishes off the equivalent of one and a half bottles of wine every day. They say he is not the man to trust to deactivate a nuclear bomb.”

When A Private Museum Fails

Harry Jackson

“Situations like this are very complicated. There’s the safety of the work, there’s the protection of the work. You know, how do you sustain a collection? How do you have it support itself as a collection?”