Top AJ Blog Posts for 12/13/13

Breakthrough On Artists’ Resale Rights: Copyright Office Reverses Itself
Source: Real Clear Arts | Published on 2013-12-13

Bye-Buy “Big-Box”: Amy Cappellazzo to Leave Christie’s
Source: Culturegrrl | Published on 2013-12-13

Grover Washington, Jr.
Source: RiffTides | Published on 2013-12-13

US orchestras: The good news
Source: Slipped Disc | Published on 2013-12-12

Beth Prevor on Diversity, Disability, and Feeling Alone in a Room of Peers
Source: New Beans | Published on 2013-12-12

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The ‘Love, Actually’ Wars, Round Three


Christopher Orr fires back at the writers who took on his take-down of the movie last week (their critiques are “generous, thoughtful, and even wise … [but], inevitably, wrong”) – and he unpacks what he sees as the film’s worst storyline.

Look What Turned Up In The Trash! Lost Peter Sellers Movies!


Two early short films starring Sellers, and co-written by Mordecail Richler – “are to be shown in public for the first time in more than 50 years.” Yes, they were literally salvaged from a dumpster outside a film company’s offices.

ENO Joins The Cinemacast Parade


“English National Opera is to begin broadcasting productions live to cinemas – only 18 months after its artistic director, John Berry, suggested that he was far from enthusiastic about the idea.”

What’s Worse Than Snark? Smarm (Says Tom Scocca)


One of the Web’s more accomplished snarkmeisters argues that the push by some goody-goodies for more niceness on the Internet – for instance, the decision by BuzzFeed’s new books editor to avoid negative reviews, or, in Scocca’s opinion, almost anything Dave Eggers says – is worse than the problem it’s trying to address.

Natalia Osipova On The Bolshoi’s Troubles

ballet dancer Natalia Osipova

“My first five years [there] were amazing. … Then, slowly, difficulties started and I decided to leave. I didn’t want scandals: our profession is dancing, not politics. But the Bolshoi is still my home: I am from Moscow. For us, the Bolshoi was something holy. I just hope the theatre will find a way out of this.”

That Letter From Vaganova Ballet Academy To Putin – Was It A Fake?


Last month, after the Russian Ministry of Culture installed the fired Bolshoi star Nikolai Tsiskaridze as director of the historic St. Petersburg school, a sizable group of faculty wrote an open appeal to President Vladimir Putin to overrule Tsiskaridze’s appointment. Now the Ministry has claimed that the letter is a forgery.

Could Coca-Cola Be A Religion Of Americana?


“Coke, if I may extend my musings further, is the closest thing that exists to a religion of Americana. Not an American religion, but a religion devoted to the idea of America – which is to say, to those Norman Rockwell scenes of homecoming, fly fishing, and presents under the tree.” Paula Marantz Cohen visits the high temple: The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta.

Court Allows California To Resume Suit For Nazi-Looted Pissarro Painting


“A Jewish family from San Diego that has been seeking to recover a painting by Camille Pissarro that a relative sold during the Holocaust has received a legal victory from a panel of judges who ruled this week that the family can pursue the case, reversing an earlier court decision that had favored the painting’s present owner.”

New Zealand Is Not Middle Earth!


Ed Power argues that, if Peter Jackson really wanted to represent the setting of Tolkien’s novel on screen, his homeland was exactly the wrong place to do it.

The Great Catalan Sport: Human Towers


“Jesús Zazo stood in the ancient plaza in a throng of other pink-clad members of the Colla Vella dels Xiquets club. He had everything riding on this grudge match in the Catalonia region’s signature competitive event: human-tower building.”