Surprises And Snubs In The 2014 Golden Globe Noms


“The Golden Globes have a long and often amusing reputation for nomination-morning howlers. But [this year], there was no Tourist, no Burlesque, no Salmon Fishing in the Yemen … Yet that didn’t mean the snubs and surprises, the jaw-droppers and the head-scratchers, weren’t there. Here are six of the biggest.”

Classical Grammy Nominations 2014: An Esa-Pekka Year?


Salonen (or his work) is nominated in three different categories. Other nominees include the familiar (Rattle, DiDonato, Bartoli; Wagner, Beethoven, Pärt), those we should know better (Lutoslawski, Palestrina; Maria João Pires, Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir), the up-and-coming (2013 Pulitzer winner Caroline Shaw; New York Polyphony), the little-known (Leonardo Vinci, not to be confused with that mirror-writing Mona Lisa guy), and the beleaguered (Osmo and the Minnesotans).

How Tech Design Dictates Our Culture


“If the best experience we can have with technology requires an American-designed platform, we’ll get an American experience: Buy an Apple iPhone, and in a thousand quiet ways, we interact with it the way Cupertino wants us to.”

Rethinking The Idea Of Leonard Bernstein


“There’s the Lenny problem: Is he for real or is he an act? Do we love him or do we want to kick him in the ass? Is his heart only on his sleeve, or is there another one inside him? And do those of us who grew up with him in all his avatars respond to him the same way as those coming to him for the first time, with no history and perhaps no expectations?”

Detroit Institute Of Arts Joins Talks For Control Of Its Art


“The Detroit Institute of Arts embraced publicly, for the first time, the broad outline of a federally mediated deal that would protect its art from sale and spin off the museum from city ownership into an independent nonprofit. The deal would raise roughly $500 million from a consortium of national and local charitable foundations and funnel the money into retiree pensions on behalf of the value of the art at the DIA.”

NYU’s War On Architecture


“For decades, New York University has waged architectural war on Greenwich Village and even the announced departure of President John Sexton in 2016 seems unlikely to stop its overweening expansion plan.”

Hey TicketMaster – Time To Rethink Those Tickets!


“My job requires me to check tickets and usher people to their seats—a manageable task, but after checking hundreds of Ticketmaster tickets, it’s very clear that these tickets were designed more than three decades ago without a serious look into how people interact with it.”