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Catholic school choir director is charged with pimping
Source: Slipped Disc | Published on 2013-12-06

Settlement Sentiment: Judge Offers Ray of Hope for Detroit Institute
Source: Culturegrrl | Published on 2013-12-05

New Donor Gift: Allen & Co. Returns Name To JALC
Source: Real Clear Arts | Published on 2013-12-05

Art Within Bounds: When Is It Censorship, and When Is It Simply Saying “No Thanks?”
Source: New Beans | Published on 2013-12-05

From Erica Sipes: Twitter in the concert hall?
Source: Sandow | Published on 2013-12-05

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Hannah Arendt’s Failure Of Imagination

Portrait Of Hannah Arendt

Richard Brody: “Her mechanistic view of Eichmann’s personality, as well as her abstract and unsympathetic consideration of the situation of Jews under Nazi rule, reflect her inability to consider the experiences of others from within.”

Saudi Religious Police Ban Arabic Equivalent Of Twilight


The kingdom’s Committee for the Prevention of Vice and Promotion of Virtue has ordered bookstores to remove from their shelves the popular fantasy novel HWJN, about a young djinni who falls in love with a human woman. Among the Committee’s objections: the young woman’s use of a Ouija board.

Alexander Payne’s Issue With Fathers


Says the director of this fall’s Nebraska (and of The Descendants, Sideways, and Election), “I think many of us have experiences with fathers who … are loving, they are nice, but somehow they’re on another planet and you wonder your whole life, ‘What is that planet that my father is on?’.”

Explaining What Happened At The Bolshoi Ballet


Ismene Brown, a London dance journalist who has been following and often translating the Russian media’s extensive coverage and knows some of the players, gives inside info and analysis of the Filin attack, the trial, and the whole affair’s effects on the company.

Probing The Unknowable Mysteries Of The Brain


“Is the brain a sort of quantum computer? What is consciousness? Marcelo Gleiser’s brain is buzzing with big questions after participating in a conference that asked if quantum physics plays a role in how we think.”

“My God, We Don’t Watch Our Own Movies!” Say The Coen Brothers


Andrew O’Hehir: “Over the years the Coens have developed a routine that lies somewhere between practiced shtick and a psychological coping mechanism. Ethan, the younger, shorter, lighter-haired brother, delivers brief responses, often glib or acrid in tone, and then the taller, older and more loquacious Joel bails him out, expounding generously on the original question or diverting it into friendlier terrain.”

Nelson Mandela’s Legacy To The Arts


“Many people know that Nelson Mandela’s life inspired novels, poems, plays and films, but few people know how powerful his effect on the theater was and how powerful the theater’s effect was on him.” A tribute from playwright Emily Mann, director of Princeton’s McCarter Theater.

Actor Christopher Evan Welch, 48


“Recognizable to many by his unruly mop of brown hair, … [Welch was] an in-demand character actor who appeared in everything from Shakespeare to The Sopranos, including films by Woody Allen, Steven Spielberg and Charlie Kaufman.”

Egypt’s “People’s Poet”, Ahmad Fouad Negm, Dead At 84


“[He] was one of Egypt’s best colloquial Arabic poets of the second half of the twentieth century, and was known [as] … one of the main voices of opposition since 1967, when he wrote his famous poems on the Six Day War. His fiery words expressed Egyptians’ and Arabs’ anger towards milestone events such as the 1967 defeat against Israel and the 1979 peace treaty with Israel.”