Links Gone Wild: September Gurl Clicks


Love and Mercy The Brian Wilson of Your Dreams A film of great ambition and daring, with performances than extend, rather than rescue, the script. And a soundtrack for the ages, both in Wilson's primary material (and cunning recreations of studio sessions), and the interior soundscapes by Trent … [Read more...]

Links Go Flapping: August Shower Tunnels


Season 7 Community's bravura 6th season closer: “If I had no self-awareness, I think I’d know,” (Britta). Send Yahoo kudos, #andamovie. Their Satanic Majesties Rolling Stones featured on Visualoop  Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman Should Not Have Been Published by William Giraldi, TNR "In a … [Read more...]

Meatball Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard


Normally I eschew McCarthy vehicles for their overheated preoccupation with fat luggage and morose sexism. But this Feig script contains more jokes per square inch than a Steven Wright phone message, and Jude Law's hairpiece wins James Bond rug of the year. (Was there an Allison Janney before … [Read more...]

What Makes a Woman? –


The “I was born in the wrong body” rhetoric favored by other trans people doesn’t work any better and is just as offensive, reducing us to our collective breasts and vaginas. Imagine the reaction if a young white man suddenly declared that he was trapped in the wrong body and, after using chemicals … [Read more...]


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QUOTE OF THE WEEK: TIE! Out There: From 1993 to 2002, David Duchovny starred in “The X-Files” as the persistent and slightly paranoid F.B.I. special agent Fox Mulder, investigator of and true believer in paranormal activity. Then, from 2007 to 2014, he took on the even scarier role of Hank Moody, … [Read more...]

Ann-Margret, Spoon, and Your Soul

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Can't find any video clips of Ann-Margret's Ray Donovan appearances (Season 2), but she stole every scene--Liev Schreiber just sat back and let her drive. And scanning the new Spoon album, They Want My Soul, you come across "[I] Just Don't Understand," an early Ann-Margret hit which the Beatles … [Read more...]

Pazz, Jop, Flop, Fly


Pazz & Jop went up, with these album results: 1 D'Angelo, Black Messiah RCA Points: 2008 Mentions: 163 2 Run the Jewels, Run the Jewels 2 Mass Appeal Points: 1734 Mentions: 163 3 The War on Drugs, Lost in the Dream Secretly Canadian Points: 1244 Mentions: … [Read more...]

2014 Book List

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2014 BOOKS When America Turned: Reckoning With 1968, by David Wyatt (University of Massachusetts Press) Leaving the Pink House, by Ladette Randolph (University of Iowa Press) Brothas Be, Yo Like George, Ain't That Funkin' Kinda Hard on You?: A Memoir by George Clinton with Ben … [Read more...]

Sorkin HBO Rape UVA Rolling Stone Snowden #Keywords

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Lots of good ink on The Newsroom's rape episode, but it's not like West Wing didn't already prove this megalomaniac's zeal for self-aggrandizement... Remember when he stopped production to compose his very own post-9/11 special episode, Isaac and Ishamel (Season 3, Ep. 3)? (Reminds me of Dylan … [Read more...]

One-Hit Wonders, Soundtrack Blunders


                MUST READ The Complete List of True One-Hit Wonders, by Tom Nawrocki (Medium's Cuepoint)   SOUNDTRACK OVERKILL Hanz Zimmer's exceedingly literal and pressing soundtrack to Interstellar throws Kubrick's … [Read more...]

Spotify Lightning: Right Spark, Wrong Rod

COVERS Bill Murray, Dylan's "Shelter From the Storm," St. Vincent closing credits SPOTIFY COVERAGE STILL WEAK  In The New Yorker, John Seabrook leaves the reader asking the single most pertinent, obvious yet invisible question coursing through this non-story: why would anybody rely on "record … [Read more...]