Chris Smither


Chris Smither's 70th birthday release, minus some missing liner notes that completely misdirected listeners: Never mind that Eric Von Schmidt gave him an early break by inviting him onstage at Passim's in Harvard Square, or that the Boston Music Awards granted him Best Folk Artist status. Chris … [Read more...]

Eight-String Bach


Interview with Reinventing Bach author Paul Elie about Chris Thile's performing Bach on mandolin. Part of a larger project still in progress, Roll Over, Beethoven: the Rock Critic's Guide to Classical Music … [Read more...]

Dylan’s Other Side: Maymudes Backstage

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    An Insider's View of the Bob Dylan Story Another Side of Bob Dylan, by Victor and Jacob Maymudes On Point discussion with Jacob Maymudes and Tom Ashbrook NPR rebroadcasts this, repeats tonight on WBUR at 8pm Eastern. Related articles A Dylan Insider's Back Pages 6 … [Read more...]

Buried in the Files: That Eric Alper entry


Moondog Matinee, The Band (Capitol) I first fell in love with this record growing up in Boulder, Colorado, after I saw Dylan play with the Band at the Denver Coliseum in early 1974. I had Planet Waves in my ear, and knew the early Band albums, but this record hovered over them all with an aura of … [Read more...]

Fever: How Rock Transforms Gender


Now a feature-length ebook available from fine digital outlets everywhere… (Apple iTunes Store, Amazon) Read a sample chapter here: Chapter Six -  Bruce Springsteen's "Walk Like a Man" Customized Spotify playlist … [Read more...]

Bert Berns: Accidentally, Like a Martyr


Dear New York Times, As Larry Rohter's lively and illuminating article ("Many-hit Wonder, Out of Obscurity: Bert Berns, Songwriter and Producer, Remembered," July 20) demonstrates, obscurities like Berns deserve a bigger place in rock history. But too many people forget that while his " trademark … [Read more...]

A Thousand Times Yes, Zacharek on Hard Day’s Night

"...Ringo is the language mangler who says exactly what he means, usually inadvertently—though sometimes his eyes, good-natured but also ringed with dark circles that suggest excessive worry, say more: On a train, he passes a glass-windowed compartment where a stunning young woman sits, stroking a … [Read more...]

Where Links Roam Free

NOT THE ABC SATURDAY MORNING BEATLES CARTOONS: thebeatoons, Episode 1-2 ”You Can’t Do That” Forgotify | 12 Bagatelles, Op. 13: No. 9. L'Abeille (The Bee) (arr. for cello and piano) by Various Artists Related articles Forgotify Helps You Discover Unloved Music On Spotify Forgotify: The Tool … [Read more...]

The Counselor, Cormac McCarthy

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I got sucked into by the cast too, enjoying Cameron Diaz's wicked villain and marveling at the word "goner" stenciled on Penelope Cruz's forehead from the opening pillow talk with Fassbender. But trashy seems too kind for this somber meditation on decapitation, with all the slow dipping mechanisms … [Read more...]

Today in

Lennon page

Guest Butler Joe DePreta, a New York marketing consultant and writer on cultural trends, is a student of musicology from Sinatra to the Sex Pistols.When I was a kid, my friends and I sat on a park bench and debated and talked over each other like a Robert Altman ensemble about the important … [Read more...]