“You have viewers?”

Cellist Nick Canellakis hosts a series of  “Conversations” with classical musicians along with the guest who gets invited every time, pianist Michael Brown. Each episode comes complete with that nice, bookended Curb Your Enthusiasm traveling music.


Here is Season 1.

Pilot: Michael Brown, pianist


Episode 2: Michael Brown, pianist


Episode 3, Michael Brown, pianist/first-and-only-guest


Episode 4, Rachel Lee, violinist


Episode 5, Orion Weiss, pianist


Episode 6: Robert McDonald, pianist


Episode 7: Jonathan Biss, pianist


Episode 8: Paul Neubauer, viola soloist


Episode 9: Yuja Wang, pianist/young artist


Episode 10: Alisa Weilerstein, cellist/genius


Bonus episode: anonymous child


I asked my assistant Declan if we should pitch Hilary Hahn for a “Conversation”. He said “No, no: we are above having artists on fake variety TV news shows.” Then–let’s just assume sarcastically–“Yeah I’ll clear my schedule.”

As if “GChat” is a “schedule”, Declan.

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  1. Nick the host says

    I think Hilary should definitely come on the show. She has an open invitation.

    Thanks for posting.