Gilbert’s mom

Credit Suisse, NYC tourism, and the New York Philharmonic have placed banners all over the Upper West Side (and perhaps elsewhere, but I never leave) of Philharmonic music director Alan Gilbert:

One of the photos is the above, but another is randomly Alan Gilbert with his mother,¬†Yoko Takebe, who happens to be a violinist in the orchestra. She’s totally cute, but the problem is that 99.999999999% of people traipsing around Manhattan don’t know mom is in the band, so it’s just like, what is that woman saying to that man and what does the New York Philharmonic have to do with it?

The only thing to be done here, really, is to create a Gilbert’s Mom meme, a la the photobomb ground squirrel…

…and the grumpy royal flower girl.

So, let’s see, we could have Gilbert’s mom with Riccardo Muti:

Gilbert’s mom with Daniel Barenboim:

Gilbert’s mom with Claudio Abbado:

Gilbert’s mom with Dudamel, Saturday Night Fever edition:

Gilbert’s mom with Dudamel, E.T. edition:

Gilbert’s mom possibly about to fist bump with Gergiev:


Think of the knowledge she could impart to music directors around the globe! Think of the power in that one little finger!

Potential captions welcome in the comments field.

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  1. Alex Sopp says

    FINALLY!!!! YES!!!! It’s irritated me since the day it came out that, like, .7% population understands that ad. Thanks for turning my irritation into laughter!