Clyfford Still and Baseball


The Clyfford Still Museum in Denver is developing unusual ways to engage its community -- ways that stretch the subject matter of the institution as a center devoted to the life and work of a single artist -- in somewhat far-fetched but nevertheless lively directions. For instance, last night, the museum invited members to a baseball game at Coors Field. The reason? Still was a big baseball fan. The photo hear is of the artist attending a game. The museum also has a baseball mitt owned by Still in its collection. I attended the game, a … [Read more...]

The Ladies Fancywork Society meets The Denver Art Museum


Quite a few of the larger cities in the United Sates have their resident "knitting bombers" -- that is, groups of hipsters who love to knit/crochet and spend time adorning various urban landmarks with bits of colorful wool. But it's not often the case that such a group will be embraced by major cultural institutions. In Denver, however, the needle wielding divas of the anachronistically-named Ladies Fancywork Society were up bright and early this morning adorning one side of the city's premiere arts institution, the Denver Art Museum, with … [Read more...]

Hello…and Goodbye

It's been a week of beginnings and endings on the theatre front here in Denver. On the one hand, I witnessed the start of the national tour of Peter and the Starcatcher, an event which was pretty joyful and made me feel good (for once) about the state of commercial theatre in this country. On the other hand, I experienced the demise of a small theatre company that's been producing shows in Denver for 40 years. Watching Germinal Stage's production of Peter Handke's Offending the Audience was both poignant and torturous. First, a few words … [Read more...]

Proud To Be An American


It all began with a public art tour of Denver. I took the tour the weekend before last, thinking it would be a useful thing to do for an arts editor who's new in town. The tour guide, Rudi Cerri, is Denver's Public Art Administrator. As I found out during the course of conversation in between tour stops on our genteel stroll through downtown Denver on a quiet Sunday morning, Rudi is also a trumpeter with Boba Fett and the Americans. Less than a week later, I found myself playing oboe in a gig with Rudi and his crew. It was one of the most … [Read more...]

Public Art — Beyond Murals and Sculptures


I took a public art walking tour around Denver recently. The stuff is everywhere. I only saw a tiny fraction of the 350-plus pieces that the City of Denver has sponsored thanks to a special fund that allocates one percent of the cost of all public construction projects to art. And I'm now on an active lookout for more such encounters as I make my way around town. The city has some iconic pieces, such as Lawrence Argent's famous "I See What You Mean" (aka "The Blue Bear"), pictured here in butt view, that peers through the glass of the … [Read more...]

Lookin at Jookin with Fresh Eyes


On Saturday at the Vail International Dance Festival, I had the bizarre experience of watching a dance performance from two different perspectives at the same time. Before the eyes of around 2,500 people packed into the Ford Amphitheatre and the lawn behind it, the celebrity urban dancer, Lil Buck, was performing one of his intricate Jookin pieces with the members of his dance crew. The mostly white audience was going crazy for the lithe African-American performers as they glided on pointe in their sneakers across the floor like … [Read more...]

When Symphony Orchestras Meet Indie Rockers


It's quite common these days for orchestras to perform concerts in collaboration with indie rock performers. Classical music organizations consider these kinds of events to be a great way to bring in a younger crowd. For the rock musicians, performing with a symphony creates a certain caché. It occurred to me not for the first time over the weekend while attending a Colorado Music Festival concert at the warm-sounding Chautauqua Auditorium in Boulder that featured the singer-songwriter Joshua Radin, that these endeavors, though laudable, are … [Read more...]

Bluebird, Bikes and Bells


My attempt to get to grips with the cultural scene of a whole new city is scattershot to say the least. I had delusions of being methodical about it before I came to Denver, but that notion has gone completely out of the window since my attention is -- happily -- being pulled in many different directions. I've decided instead to simply follow my nose. Here are three things I did this weekend which I want to talk about briefly. The first is the two and a half hour cycling tour of downtown Denver that I undertook on Sunday morning. I've … [Read more...]

Underground Music Showcase


Denver is a fabulous place to be on a warm summer night. I spent quite a bit of time over the weekend exploring the Underground Music Showcase in Denver. What impresses me about this annual music festival, which takes place in the slightly grungy bordering on trendy Baker neighborhood in downtown Denver, is the eclecticism of the offerings. As I wandered around from bar to outdoor stage to street corner to cafe along South Broadway, I heard at least five different musical styles, from transvestite rock involving backing singers dressed in … [Read more...]

How To Make A Papier-Mâché Mask


Since arriving in Denver, I've been mulling over ideas, both serious and silly, for Colorado Public Radio's multimedia arts coverage. There's been plenty of sober brainstorming in the office with Post-It notes, but some of the most interesting ideas have come from tipsy mind-meandering after-hours with friends. After rum-laced drinks at a Cuban restaurant in the museum district the other night, my friends Becca and Luke and I had a discussion about whether a series of crafty "How To"  guides might lend themselves to the seemingly-unsuitable … [Read more...]

The Hotel Rehearsal


Alex Schweder describes the "The Hotel Rehearsal," an art installation he created for Denver's Biennial of the Americas, as "the only hotel that travels vertically and horizontally at the same time." That a hotel should travel in any direction gives pause for thought. That this one not only travels across two dimensions but also has to be inflated like an air mattress to function, makes it one of the most fantastical pieces of architectural whimsy that I've yet encountered. Last night, I had the pleasure of obtaining a tour of the Hotel … [Read more...]

Postcard from Flagstaff, AZ


I am taking a slow, four-day roadtrip with my friend Zach Warren to Denver to start my new life with Colorado Public Radio, where I'll be launching and leading the organization's brand new arts bureau. While en route, I want to briefly mention a quite lovely Americana band that I stumbled across at The Fire Creek Coffee Company and music venue in Flagstaff Arizona last night. (I'm in Santa Fe, New Mexico as I write.) The photo to the left was taken by Zach, who's slightly obsessed with the Hipstamatic app on his iPhone. The band, Blue … [Read more...]