Building a young audience (more on the culture change)

tat again

There's a quite a lot to read on the changes in our culture, the ones I've been saying that leave classical music behind. For instance: The section on nightlife from Richard Florida's well-known book, The Rise of the Creative Class.  Florida describes people whom he thinks are central to any city's economic growth, young, smart, curious, creative people, the people corporations would most like to hire. Florida's thesis about how crucial to economic growth they are has been disputed, but his description of them sounds exactly right to … [Read more...]


My book -- Rebirth: The Future of Classical Music. For a while I unfolded it bit by bit online, posting drafts, or improvisations, or riffs on what the book might say. My idea was to promote the book, and to spread the ideas in it around. To get reactions to the ideas, and to how I put them. This was invaluable, but I was never quite happy with how the book unfurled. It seemed more like something improvised, than something planned, with structure and a goal. So now I'm rewriting. Look for the first chapter soon. I'm hoping to help build a … [Read more...]

What’s Happening Here

Is classical music dying? No way -- I think it's going to be reborn, reconnect with the world around it, and become a truly contemporary art. But this is a big topic, and there's resistance to the changes that are taking place. … [Read more...]