From Marlissa Hudson: Going out on my own (2)


The story so far, in Marlissa's words: I realized I had to be a singer. I moved from my home in St. Louis to the Washington, DC area, to work with contacts I’d made when I was a graduate student at Peabody. And I made plans to create a big splash with my second album. All of that is in my first post.  And so, continuing: When I thought of my sophomore album project, I knew I wanted to do something vastly different than anything I’d heard or done previously. Something that would highlight my strongest attributes as an artist, and present … [Read more...]

From Marlissa Hudson: Going out on my own (1)

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[From Greg: [Just about a year ago, Marlissa Hudson emailed to say that she liked my blog, had ideas that synced with it, and wondered if we could meet. If I remember rightly, she'd put me on her mailing list (a good networking move), so I knew her name, and knew she was a soprano working in the Washington, DC area, where I live. And in any case I'm often contacted by people who read me, all kinds of people, by (for instance) the executive director of an orchestra in France, and by many music students. I always try to meet these people if I … [Read more...]