Expanding the blog

new community blogIn posts a couple of weeks ago, I talked about the community around this blog, and about new directions I wanted to move in, and wanted the blog to go in.

Here are some ideas, some things I’d love to see.

First, I’d like other voices on the blog — guest bloggers, including a few who’d be regular guests. I’ve got one guest gearing up for his first post, a young composer in Britain. Anyone else? I’m open to all kinds of people, all kinds of ideas, as diverse (geographically, musically, and otherwise) a group as possible. Contact me!

Second, I’d love a volunteer blog assistant, someone to help with some of the blog administration. That would start with the simple task of approving comments (which have to be approved, to avoid spam). But the job could expand to much more — formatting posts, finding graphics, fixing some formatting problems that crept in when the blog migrated to WordPress. And more. Answering some of my email, on my behalf. Could be combined with guest blogging.

An unpaid position, at least to start. As I said, I’m looking for funding, with one application already out.

Which is something else a blog assistant could help with. Funding applications, a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign. The work also could expand into other things I do, so the blog assistant could become a personal assistant. Which would give someone a chance to delve into many corners of the classical music world. And I’d be happy to help my assistant with his/her own work. Plus free access to anything I teach online.

Anyone interested? Once again — contact me. I don’t know what my gratitude is worth, but you’d certainly have that.

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