Support for commerce

Steve Ledbetter posted a comment I thought I’d share here in the blog. He’s responding to my thoughts (in yesterday’s “Relaunch” post) about classical music commerce, which will be my theme on the blog in October:

You’re on the right track considering commerce — anyone who wants to make a living in music, whether as a sole practitioner or as a member of an ensemble needs to realize that being able to continue the work long enough to be worthwhile also means finding that market, which seems to have become so elusive. Seth Godin is a terrific guide for those ideas. On a similar line of thought, I just read about the increasing number of medical schools that offer a joint MD/MBA degree, because practicing medicine is a business, too.

Thanks for this, Steve. And as you pointed out today, as we were emailing, music schools are starting to offer training in entrepreneurship, precisely because they know that classical music needs a new market.

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