Pigeon music

After reading my last post — the one about the pigeon — Matt Westfall posted a comment, very reasonably asking what classical music might share the pigeon’s aesthetic world.

It was fun thinking about that. Here are a few thoughts. I’d be happy to hear more. Mine seem fairly obvious, at least to me. No need to stick to pieces as famous as most of these.

  • Steve Reich, Clapping Music
  • John Adams, Chamber Symphony (plus many others)
  • John Cage, Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano, 4’33”
  • Debussy, Afternoon of a Faun, Petite Suite, more
  • Boulez, Sur incise
  • Ravel, Concerto for the Left Hand (and much more)
  • Varese, Ionisation
  • Stravinsky, Octet, Apollo, Violin Concerto, Concerto in D (so many others; and Matt, the Concerto in D is the piece I mistakenly called Serenade in D in my answer to your comment)
  • Mozart, one of the violin concertos, if played by someone who improvises a lot of ornaments (and maybe adds a cadenza like the famous one by Gilles Apap, which you can watch on YouTube)
  • Bartok, many pieces
  • David Lang, Cheating, Lying, Sealing
  • Many Michael Dougherty pieces — the Liberace piece, the Metropolis symphony, much more
  • Stockhausen, Stimmung, Manta (not for everyone, but some will love these pieces)
  • Beethoven, many pieces, if played without restraint
  • lots of Shostakovich
  • Schoenberg, Piano Suite Op. 25, and also the tiny Op. 19 piano pieces; Five Pieces for Orchestra; String Trio
  • Bach, any of the Brandenburgs, any of the keyboard pieces
  • Haydn symphonies — I’d pick the early middle ones, Nos. 22 to 55 or so.
  • Webern, Piano Variations

And of course the list could be much longer.

Or listen to Q2, the internet radio station created by the music people at WNYC/WQXR. Mostly all new music, and just about anything they play would work on my playlist.

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  1. Richard says

    No Ives????????? I guess I need to come up with a list 😉 (I know, smilies are so “over”)