In response to DJA — thanks for alerting me to check whether the new comments process really does work.

Apparently it does, with just one glitch. All comments are posting automatically, as they’re supposed to. Except for one, a comment on my formal dress post, which somehow landed in my inbox, marked “unapproved.” I have no idea why that happened. Maybe there’s a delay, sometimes or always, before comments appear, but with the one exception I’ve noted (and which I don’t understand), everything you all post is getting on the site.

If any more comments end up in limbo, I’ll alert ArtsJournal. Thanks again, DJA.

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  1. says

    I think it may have to do with whether the comment contains links. Maybe comments with a certain number of links automatically get shunted off into moderation?

    Let’s test this hypothesis:

    Link. Link. Link.

  2. Yvonne says

    It’s nice that the comments now read in chronological order from top to bottom. Much easier now to follow a conversation!

  3. says

    So yeah, since that first comment was in fact held for Greg’s approval, I suspect this means any comment with embedded links ends up in the moderation queue.

    If so, that strikes me as an arbitrary and pointless limitation. You’ve already got the reCaptcha antispam test… why filter for links on top of that? It’s the internet, people like to link to stuff.

    Thanks, DJA, for trying to figure this out. The good news is that both this and your earlier comment ended up on the site automatically. I didn’t have to approve them. So if there’s any problem, it isn’t caused by embedded links. They go through without any trouble.