Talk to me about marketing Shakespeare

Andrew en route to give a RSC presentation at a Lincoln Center board meeting (no joke)

Oh gosh: let's see if I even remember how do to do this. Back in the day, when I didn't have clients playing everything Ravel wrote for the piano etc., I did interviews with Industry Professionals. The reasons were two-fold: first, I'm a curious soul, and second, I'm sure you all get tired of me. The interviews are all archived on a right side column. Scroll down a bit and they're there. So here is Andrew Shuttleworth, Marketing Communications Manager at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. I was curious about his Shakespeare … [Read more...]

Talk to me about Music Marathon

Remember when I was really awesome and posting interviews every week? Well, I'm less awesome now, but here's an interview with Billy Robin of Northwestern University. He started Music Marathon on campus last year and is gearing up for another successful 26 (!) hours on April 30th. If you're not in the Chicago area, you can watch the entire concert live on their website. Billy Robin is a senior at Northwestern University studying musicology and saxophone performance.  Born in Chappaqua, NY, he spends time in both Chicago and New York City, … [Read more...]

Talk to me about BBC Music Magazine

As often as possible, on Fridays I will post interviews with colleagues from the field who are far more knowledgeable than I am on various marketing and publicity topics. In honor (-our) of all the gray days we've been having in New York, this week we have an interview with a Proper British Person! Here's BBC Music Magazine editor Oliver Condy on not bringing computers to the beach, Tweeting about the World Cup (...not), and how American journalists need to toughen up. Oliver Condy has been the editor of BBC Music Magazine for over five … [Read more...]

Talk to me about Metropolis Ensemble


In the immortal works of Todd Rundgren, "Iiii don't-want-to-work, I just wanna write-on-this-blog-all day." That's not entirely true: I love my job, but it does make things I also like to do--coming up with interview questions for this blog, to throw out an example--more of a challenge. But I'm going to be better! It's my Valentine's Day Resolution. So, Team Life's a Pitch, here we have the return of the Friday interviews, where I ask the Tough Questions of colleagues who are far more knowledgeable than I am on various marketing and publicity … [Read more...]

Life’s a Twitch, Part 3 (The Journalists)

Though many, many more music journalists are on Twitter, these are the people I noticed interacting with the publicists I interviewed the most. Oodles of thanks to  @nightafternight: Steve Smith, New York Times, Time Out New York;  @anastasiat: Anastasia Tsioulcas, Gramophone, Variety; @gsandow: Greg Sandow, Wall Street Journal, ArtsJournal; and @sethcolterwalls: Seth Colter Walls, Newsweek for their answers. These interviews were conducted via Telex machine. Just kidding. ___________________How long have you been using Twitter? … [Read more...]

Talk to me about ‘Opera News’

As often as possible, on Fridays I will post interviews with colleagues from the field who are far more knowledgeable than I am on various marketing and publicity topics. This week, we have F. Paul Driscoll, Editor-in-Chief of Opera News, on bewitching divas, the good, the bad, and the ugly of opera blogging, and the basics of how to pitch a glossy magazine.F. Paul Driscoll has been Editor in Chief of OPERA NEWS since 2003.  He began contributing to the magazine in 1990 and joined the editorial staff as managing editor in 1998.  He … [Read more...]

Talk to me about not music blogging

At the ends of weeks, I post interviews with people who know a lot more about aspects of the proverbial business than I do. Two weeks ago, theater blogger Jaime Green told us she would blog professionally if given the opportunity. This week, we have Jerry Yeti, who blogged at Yeti Don't Dance for just about three years before (sort of) giving it up, possibly for good. On November 8, 2007, you posted that you would not 1. become a blogger blogging about not blogging and 2. that your blog, Yeti Don't Dance, was not dead. There are six posts after … [Read more...]

Talk to me about theater blogging

Happy Friday! It's not raining and I actually have an interview to post!  This week we have Jaime Green, Literary Associate at MCC Theater in Manhattan and blogger of 5 years. Below she discusses why she started blogging, while she'll keep blogging, and whether or not There Will Be/Should Be Blood in the theater blogosphere. Err..."theatrosphere". Additionally, this marks the first mention of lolcats on this blog. Jaime Green is a freelance theatre producer and dramaturg, as well as Literary Associate at MCC Theater.  She is Artistic … [Read more...]

Glenn Petry, 21C Media Group

Because 1. no one wants to read about The Life and Times of Amanda Ameer every day and 2. because there are many, many people out there who know more about publicity and marketing than I do, every week I try and post an interview with someone else in the field. Usually, I do this on Fridays, but that clearly didn't happen last week. Or the week before.  But TODAY we have a continuation of the critically-acclaimed (for realz - a few critics e mailed and said they liked it) Life's a Pitch feature Better Know a Publicist. See the Interviews … [Read more...]

Talk to me about Dilettante

Sometimes it's hard being Amanda. For example, when I think of lots of cool people to interview for (le) blog, and they say yes, and then I don't have time to write the questions? Yes, at times like that it's hard. But at long last, this week we have Juliana Farha and Chris Gruits from the recently re-launched classical music networking hub Dilettante. Juliana Farha is the Founder and Managing Director of Dilettante Music, the online classical music hub based in London, England. She worked at CBC Radio and as a magazine editor in Toronto before … [Read more...]

Rebecca Davis, Rebecca Davis PR

Publicist Log, Day 4: Today we have Rebecca Davis, who I have known 4eva, 4eva-eva. Rebecca was Director of Publicity at Universal Music Classical when I was Publicity Manager at IMG Artists, and then we worked on Hilary's Schoenberg/Sibelius exploits together, and then I covered for her at Universal when she was on maternity leave last fall. She's since started her own firm, and here's what she has to say for herself:Rebecca Davis is a publicity, promotions and marketing consultant with over ten years of experience working with musicians on … [Read more...]

Steven Swartz, Dotdotdotmusic

It's Publicists Gone Wild this week on Life's a Pitch. Each day, we'll have answers to the same eleven questions from different New York City publicists. Today, we have Steven Swartz, who hails from the publishing (and apparently ukulele) world(s)! Steven and I met...actually, when did we meet?...but our paths cross early and often at cool-kid "new music" events throughout the city.Steven Swartz never set out to be a publicist.  He studied music and philosophy at Swarthmore College and earned a PhD in composition from University at Buffalo … [Read more...]

Jennifer Wada

This week on Life's a Pitch, the royal "we" is talking to NYC-based classical music publicists. Everyone gets the same questions, and presumably no one has seen anyone else's answers! Here's Jennifer Wada, with whom I had the pleasure of working on the Hilary Hahn/Josh Ritter concert at the Metropolitan Museum of Art last spring.Jennifer Wada is a New York-based public relations consultant in the performing arts whose clients include the Metropolitan Museum Concerts series, the Orchestra of St. Luke's, the George London Foundation for Singers, … [Read more...]

Christina Jensen, Christina Jensen PR

Since I'm going to try to keep my trap (fingers?) shut all week, I'll just say two quick things now: One. Last night at the bar Union Pool in Williamsburg, I received the best response yet to my response to the question, "So what do you do?"  "So what do you do?" "I am a classical music publicist." "That sounds difficult." (The usual response is, "Oh. Cool. What does that mean?") This guy went on to ask what media opportunities there are for classical musicians, and of the outlets that do exist, how many of those translate to concert … [Read more...]