The time has come

Twice before I have called on you, Life’s a Pitches, to get out there and rock the vote.

The first to make Hilary Gramophone’s Artist of the Year, and we did it, Pitches, we did it. Well “we” and a really good Schoenberg album.

The second was to get Hilary named Playboy’s Sexiest Babe of Classical Music. We even nabbed the Opera Chic endorsement for that one. Sadly, our efforts were thwarted by Julia Fischer and one suggestively placed violin. Everyone loves a prop.

Now the time has come for our greatest challenge of all: there’s a baby alpaca out there whose humans want to name her after a violinist. Here she is:

Tell me this doesn't look like a "Hilary Hahn"

Do it like Bastille Day and storm the comments section. It seems the last round of babies were named after Food Network stars, so we’re glad that the fine folks at Lavender Fields have turned their attention to the arts. And fyi, Hilary Hahn the Alpaca’s mother is named Emily Bronte.

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