Here’s Johnny

I missed the 2/3 train at 14th street at an embarrassingly late hour last night because I was taking a faux toe of the Public Enemies poster for this blog. Naturally, I left the house ("  ") today and forgot to bring the cord for my camera, so I will have to post said-picture at a later hour. Incidentally, probably after I get home from the midnight showing of that same movie tonight. Public Enemies happens to incorporate all my favorite things: The Great Depression, Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Billy Crudup, Marion Cotillard, and Elliot … [Read more...]

Talk to me about Dilettante

Sometimes it's hard being Amanda. For example, when I think of lots of cool people to interview for (le) blog, and they say yes, and then I don't have time to write the questions? Yes, at times like that it's hard. But at long last, this week we have Juliana Farha and Chris Gruits from the recently re-launched classical music networking hub Dilettante. Juliana Farha is the Founder and Managing Director of Dilettante Music, the online classical music hub based in London, England. She worked at CBC Radio and as a magazine editor in Toronto before … [Read more...]

Don’t you carry nothing that might be a load

I'm glad our mom didn't come to The Wiz at City Center with my sister and me tonight. If she had, then from the first moment Ashanti stationed herself downstage center and started to sing, Aliza and I would have had to re-hear all about Melba Moore - "the tiniest little woman you'd ever seen" - being un-miked - "with the biggest voice you've ever heard" - "reaching all the way to the back of the house" - in Purlie.  Ashanti was miked tonight - I know this because we're talking about musical theater in 2009 and because the body mic factors … [Read more...]

Go go gadgets

Has anyone tried the New York Phil iPhone app? I'm told it currently has 2.5 out of 5 stars. Reviews, please! As previously mentioned, I can't get an iPhone because I refuse to let go of my Verizon family plan, and my cheapness haunts me daily. All I hope is that the iPhone app is more successful than the Philharmonic's previously secret Facebook page. Recently, my clients David and Hilary weighed in on Tweeting, etc. during concerts.  Life's a Pitch devotees may also remember the report of the Patti LuPone incident from this winter, … [Read more...]

You know what really grinds my gears? when presenters ask for materials just for the sake of asking for materials. Are they redecorating their offices with these things?? Collecting Christmas gifts for their cousins?Here's an e mail that came into IMG from one of The King's Singers' 2010 presenters:We are still looking for the following materials and would greatly appreciate them or the appropriate forms as soon as possible.  The materials we are looking for are as follows. CDs, DVDs, TV and Radio spots, handbills, posters, the name of any opening act(s), and a play list … [Read more...]

Would you be mine, could you be mine?

I would not win the ASCAP Adventurous Programming Award for eating. I tend to like what I like and stick with it, the result being that I go to the same four or five restaurants all the time. Two of my favorites are Pomodoro and Covo, and my friend Joe has come to both with me. At Pomodoro, they make fun of me for asking for more Parmesan after I've eaten down to the portion of the rigatoni that's not under a cheese blanket, and at Covo, they know I'll order one of three things every time and that I'll want to sit outside no matter how cold it … [Read more...]

Red (herring) alerts

Like (I'm sure) every publicist (at this point), I have Google Alerts set up for my clients. I'm not sure I've said it on this blog, but I tell people all the time that I simply couldn't have afforded to be a freelance publicist even five years ago. Clipping services (digital and otherwise), contact databases, CD mailings, press kit mailings, press kit reproduction, ink just would have been too expensive to do it on my own. So I get a lot of Google Alerts, which is annoying until I remember that receiving Google Alerts means I'm … [Read more...]

Due course

Ever since Alice Tully Hall unceremoniously turned off the one plug in the seating area of their lobby, I've been auditioning new mobile office locations in midtown. Today, I'm here at the MoMA Cafe, and have located an outlet and a seat by the window facing...I think this is 54th street, but I'm bad with directions. Free wireless, check. Clean countertop, check. Annoying children behind me, fine; unavoidable. $5.92 cappuccino - ack, check double minus. Every time I see ads for classes at MoMA, I comb through my schedule in hopes that I can … [Read more...]

Metropolitan Diary

I was waiting on line to have my bag inspected at Hilary's Free for All concert at Town Hall yesterday, and an older gentleman in a suit walked up to me. Him: Excuse me, is this your first Free for All concert?Me: Yes it is.Him: Can I ask how you heard about it?Me: Erm...I'm Hilary's publicist.Him: Oh [laughing and looking away]. See, I'm the Chairman of Free for All, and we've been trying to get more young people out to our concerts. So I thought, well there's an elegant, nicely-dressed young lady; that's exactly the kind of concert-goer we … [Read more...]

Give me one thing in there that happened today

At this point, surely people know what they're getting into when they agree to Daily Show and Colbert Report interviews? Take a look at the unfriendly and unamused Communications Coordinator at minute 1:52. If she is the person the New York Times Communications department chose to put on The TV, what's the rest of that department like? The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10cEnd Timeswww.thedailyshow.comDaily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorNewt Gingrich Unedited Interview … [Read more...]

“We’re here now with…”

The San Francisco Opera interviewed audience members at the intermission of Porgy and Bess on Tuesday. They plan to put the clips on their website. And this has nothing to do with PR or marketing, but I liked that they had opera glasses for rent. It would be funny if by "opera glass" they actually meant that glass sitting on the table there. … [Read more...]

Attention Deficit – Disorder?

To begin, I'm posting this entry from over 10,000 feet. If we're being completely honest with each other, I did start writing it at LaGuardia two days ago, but I finished it and am pressing 'Save' among the clouds. Raise your hand if you love living in 2009! The fact that $12.95 gets me internet in mid-air for my entire flight almost redeems Delta after having me land in Salt Lake City, de-board the plane for 35 minutes, get back on the same plane, sit in the same seat, and continue on to Boston. The one benefit, if we can call it that, of this … [Read more...]

Mile high club

I was very pleased to see that Hilary's Bach Concertos disc was part of Delta's in-flight entertainment offerings on my plane ride to San Francisco today. It was the second to last option, grumble grumble, but it was an option. I listened to it for the whole flight even though it's on my iPod in hopes that she'd get lots of hits and/or that the guy sitting next to me would notice and perhaps tune in himself. He only noticed when I started taking pictures.  I did not feel the need to explain the blog to him. … [Read more...]