Nude pictures

Sometimes the lack of mainstream press coverage for classical music gets me down. But then I see things like this, and realize work could always be worse. From Defamer:

Have you heard the one about the Disney Channel star in a nude-photo scandal? No, not that one. Or that one. But rather Adrienne Bailon, the co-star of Disney’s series Cheetah Girls and, before last weekend, among the network’s last remaining female talent not to have half-naked pictures of herself circulating online.
Good thing she has a friend in the crisis-publicity racket, right?
Alas, she has neither a crisis nor a friend if her mercenary
flack-turned-famewhore gossip Jonathan Jaxson’s stunningly dumb TV mea
culpa is any indication.

I love how they call him a “long-time” Hollywood publicist on the morning show. He’s 25. Is he a Publicity Prodigy?

If I staged a fake engagement for one of my clients we’d both basically stand outside the jewelry store for 20 minutes and then would be like, “Soooo….do you wanna go get some gelato?” as a tumbleweed rolled by.

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  1. says

    Dear Amanda,
    I’m sorry I had to turn down your proposal that David Lang and I produce a sex tape. I know it would have been great publicity for both of us, and he’s a very handsome fellow, but his is just not a can that I’m prepared to bang on at the moment. Please do keep me in mind for future projects/stunts, though, as I would love to work with you and I think you have great ideas. The scam where you pretend that you represent Hillary Hahn is going gangbusters–she really hasn’t caught on yet?

  2. says

    If you want to up your google traffic in a hurry, I can say the words “nude pictures” and “Adrienne Bailon” a few more times in your comments section.

  3. Lindemann says

    Just commenting to note that I laughed out loud at the phrase “his is just not a can that I’m prepared to bang on.” Well played.