In a Light Mood: ‘No Severed Bodies or Bloody Stumps’

The front of this hallucinatory postcard, published by Cold Turkey Press in a limited edition of 36 copies, shows a collage by the late Norman Ogue Mustill. It is “Mustill in a light sorta mood, or so he thought,” I wrote Ben Schot, Cold Turkey’s distributor. “Light for him, anyway: no severed bodies or bloody stumps. He did not always ream out the human race. He had a feel for the vulnerability of pop culture, which he liked to satirize.” When Cold Turkey’s artist-publisher Gerard Bellaart asked for a paragraph to go with Mustill’s collage, I sent him a cut-prose text called “The Condition.”

The card is on sale from Schot’s Rotterdam-based Sea Urchin Editions.

Sea Urchin has also posted two other new items for sale, both vintage 90-minute audiocassettes from Counter Culture Chronicles, The Hague: Jack Kerouac — The Northport Tapes and The Radicalization of Timothy Leary.

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