Ginsberg Does Indian Mantras on Sloow Tapes

Speaking of Allen Ginsberg, I’m told a new Sloow Tapes cassette entitled “London Mantra” is about to be released. Bart de Paepe, producer of the indie label, writes, “It’s a recording George Dowden made at his home in July 1973.” The tape features “Ginsberg solo on his harmonium, singing Indian mantras and a few of his own songs.”

Cover artwork by Gerard Bellaart on the ‘London Mantra’ Sloow Tapes cassette.

As I replied to de Paepe, “The truth is I’ve never been a fan of Allen’s harmonium singing.” One of Ginsberg’s closest friends, William Burroughs, couldn’t stand his off-key droning either. Which is being charitable. But no matter. The artwork pleases me.

Photo of Allen Ginsberg by John Giornio, from ‘London Mantra’ Sloow Tapes cassette.

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