Selling the Earth … ‘No Return, No Exchange’

A poem by Heathcote Williams, narration and montage by Alan Cox.

The print edition of Selling the Earth is coming soon from Cold Turkey Press.

The poem begins:

After someone had sold their virginity on the Internet
And made a hundred thousand pounds,
Another entrepreneur would decide that he’d try
To put Planet Earth itself up for sale.

His website describes the Earth as “authentic”, and “used”
He says it’s to go under the hammer at Yahoo Auction, Japan.
And adds that the Earth has been gifted to its seller
By God, “who appeared to him in a dream.”

Whereupon, what with a recession and times being hard,
The owner has apparently opted to sell,
And, as of writing, the bidding stands at 216,000 yen (US$2,700).

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