…My Checkered Career

I’ve been the senior editor/producer for Entertainment & Arts at MSNBC.com, a staff writer covering arts and culture at the Los Angeles Times, a reporter and movie reviewer at The Daily News in New York, a reporter and columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times, and a fellow in the National Arts Journalism Program at Columbia University.

Writing of mine has also appeared in “little magazines,” among them VDRSVP, The San Francisco Earthquake, Notes From Underground, Ricochet, Unmuzzled Ox, as well as in Partisan Review, The New York Times Book Review, Trans-Atlantik and The Journal of Film History. Years ago in one of his many volumes (I think it was “The End of Intelligent Writing: Literary Politics in America”), the critic Richard Kostelanetz praised me in my youth as a leading avant-garde poet. I might have proved him right by living up to his expectations, but journalism paid the rent.

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