Microsoft CEO Predicts All News Content Online In 10 Years

Steve Ballmer, speaking at the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival, said he doesn’t see a recovery for the news industry after the recession:

“I don’t think we are in a recession, I think we have reset,” he said.
“A recession implies recovery [to pre-recession levels] and for
planning purposes I don’t think we will. We have reset and won’t
rebound and re-grow.”

So how will we get our news?

“All content consumed will be digital, we can [only] debate if that may be in one, two, five or 10 years,” added Ballmer.

“There won’t be [only traditional] newspapers,
magazines and TV programmes. There won’t be [only] personal, social
communications offline and separate. In 10 years it will all be online.
Static content won’t cut it in the future,” he added.

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