Classical music wish list

npr music blogThat’s what you’ll find on Tom Huizinga’s NPR blog today — things many of us hope will happen in classical music during 2013. I’m there, along with Marin Alsop, Jennifer Higdon, Kevin Puts, and some others, including Tom himself, of course, and his fellow NPR blogger Anastasia Tsioulcas. Alsop’s wishes are as lively as she is. Her first one:

For all of us in classical music to stop being afraid of having fun … and showing it!

Love that!

Here’s a summary of my wishes:

  • classical music institutions should make finding a new audience their highest priority
  • music students should find an — with help and encouragement from music schools — a new audience of people their own age
  • composers should find their own audience, their own fan base.

But I say a lot more about each of these items. Why not go to the NPR site and read me! Along with everyone else. Many thanks to Tom for asking me to do this!


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