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Is TEFAF New York A Success? UPDATED

That depends on how you measure success. There was a lot of doubt and even some worry that TEFAF, the world’s best art fair, would not be able to make a go of it here in New York, or that if it did somehow do that, the main fair in Maastricht would suffer. After two […]

TEFAF Maastricht: Changing, But the Same

The world’s best art fair–Tefaf Maastricht. whose 275 participating galleries show the art of seven millennia, all told–got underway last Thursday, as usual. Fair organizers are keen to point out what’s different this year: for example, a smaller by-invitation-only crowd on its annual day of free-flowing food and drink, and another by-invitation only access day […]

Get Out And Go For A Walk!

It’s That Time of Year… This is just a reminder: TEFAF is in New York again, at the Park Avenue Armory, opening to the public on Saturday and to collectors on Friday. And before that, as I mentioned last year at this time, dealers on the Upper East Side are hosting an art walk on Thursday […]

Sotheby’s Pumps A Nascent Market

It may have been just a matter of time: today Sotheby’s announced an inaugural sale of contemporary African art, saying that this market in recent years has undergone “a long-overdue correction.” Then the press release added, but “there’s still a considerable way to go towards addressing the underrepresentation of African artists, who account for just […]

Can You Spot the Fake?

It would be a good idea. As the FBI recently warned, speaking about the case of Michigan art dealer Eric Spoutz, who pumped at least 40 forgeries into the market over the past 10 years (h/t to ArtNet) (to learn to spot fakes, that is): Although Spoutz has been sentenced, [agents] McKeogh and Savona do […]

A New One on Me: What To Call Art

Branding is important, and language matters. Let’s start from that point. Last fall, I was privileged to speak to the Private Art Dealers Association, which used to be made up largely of Old Master dealers, about getting more people interested in the art they sell. And language came up. Apparently, some people today don’t want […]

Picture This! Scenes From Tefaf-New York

I spent most of Friday afternoon and evening at Tefaf-New York, and I found it to be as full of interesting paintings and objects as I expected. Here are pictures of some interesting booths–there were so many. When I remember where I was, I’ve added a few details. Richard L. Feigen’s booth–with a wonderful Courbet […]

Big Stakes For This Art Week

Tempus fugit! I’ve been meaning to write more about The European Fine Art Fair’s arrival in New York later this week, but have not had the time. But you can bet that I will be there, prowling the booths at the Park Avenue Armory on Friday. There will be a lot of wonderful art on […]

Maastricht, AKA Tefaf, Comes to New York

Given all the hubbub last week about layoffs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and, more important to me, the deadlines I faced for other articles, I did not have time to expand on my article in last Tuesday’s New York Times about The European Fine Art Fair’s move into North America. Tefaf–most often discussed […]

Got Miami Week Blues? A New Twist

It’s Art Basel Miami Beach time, and some 250 galleries will be showcasing their art and artists at the convention center there beginning mid-week. Then there are all the satellite fairs, the gallery and museum events, the private collection events (which are very big in Miami), and party-party-party. It was fun when I did the […]

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