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Real Clear Arts

This blog is about culture in America as seen through my lens, which is informed and colored by years of reporting not only on the arts and humanities, but also on business, philanthropy, science, government and other subjects.

I may break news, but more likely I will comment, provide perspective, connect the dots, or spotlight something special that you may have missed. I believe that culture, as opposed to entertainment, should be a bigger part of Americans’ lives, and I’ll take every opportunity to share developments I see that further that goal.

Issues and ideas are important to me – I might have called this effort “arts & ideas” had I not needed a catchier name – and so are off-the-beaten path discoveries.

And about that name: yes, it mimics the name of the very successful political site, but it also describes the clear-eyed vision I aspire to give readers.

Read what others are saying about Real Clear Arts:

“We have real respect for Judith H. Dobrzynski, who writes the Real Clear Arts blog at Of the 50 or so blogs at that site, some are on the limp side, some are possibly dormant, some tend to be too self-promoting or too self-serving and some are simply bat-shit crazy. But Dobrzynski’s blog is fresh and wise and original, nicely sourced, and always very finger-on-the-pulse-of-the-zeigeist-y. If you don’t read her blog, or you don’t read it very often, we encourage you to start. If you blog yourself, link to it. She does great work.” The Clyde Fitch Report.

“Ace art blogger Judith Dobrzynski penned a neat summary of how a dedicated acquisitions fund ups a collecting museum’s cachet and opportunities in last week’s NYTimes…” …Bill Davenport in Glasstire.

“The fascinating story about the work pictured above was first broadcast last January 22nd in one of the finest art blogs I regularly check (Real Clears Arts, by art journalist Judith H. Dobrzynski” … Jordi de Nadal, in Seven for Seven blog.

“And as a bonus, here are my picks for the top five new (in 2009) art blogs: #2: Real Clear Arts, Judith H. Dobrzynski”  Ian David Moss, Createquity.

“Thanks to top notch blogger Judith H. Dobrzynski (Real Clear Arts) for finding a fascinating article about Flaubert”  from Deborah Barlow, Slow Muse.

“As she’s one of the most clear-eyed journalists in the field, I expect great things. Her first post, on the Yves St. Laurent auction last week in Paris, finds her off to a great start”  from Michael Gross, Gripebox.

“Speaking of good arts bloggers: do check out Judith H. Dobrzynski’s latest”  from Ian David Moss, Createquity.

“Thanks to the ever-resourceful blogger Judith H. Dobrzynski at Real Clear Arts for this update on the much-discussed issue of universities and the visual arts”…Slow Muse

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