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June 21, 2007

2:50 p.m.

by Molly Sheridan

Vanessa Bertozzi, who has been participating all along in this AJ blog, is up first and has some great photos of Chloe and the cosplay folks she talks about in her chapter in the book. Check in with her website to catch up on her work and take a look yourself.

The focus of her comments comes to a simple point that these new active cultures common among today's artistic young people represent a great community of enthusiastic arts participants, but they want to know all the background and participate with the artists. Her conclusion as it applies to orchestras is that the music is great; there's no problem there. New ways for the audience to participate alongside will not only be inspiring, they'll possibly be fundamental.

Questions to ponder here in the room and at home:

  • How is this concept different from the world you know?
  • In what ways do these forms of engagement represent opportunities and/or challenges for orchestras?

Posted by msheridan at June 21, 2007 12:41 PM


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