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Remembering Artur Bodanzky


  1. Robert Berger says:

    Interesting article, but I take exception to your patronizing dismissal of the current Met orchestra and James Levine as a Wagner conductor . I and many,many others have been thrilled by the Met’s Wagner performances over the years by these present day Met forces .
    Based on what I have heard of the legendary Met Wagner performances of the past, I hear absolutely no evidence that the orchestra was in any way superior to the present day one . Quite the opposite in fact .

  2. There can be no doubt that ALL major orchestras are far superior in technical and ensemble playing than those of 50 – 100 years ago. Even conservatory orchestras at Juilliard, Curtis, etc. play better today than professional orchestras of the past. What may sometimes be missing today is interpretational exuberance including string portamentos.

  3. How one can remember Bodanzky never having heard him live is a mystery .Whatever Sony engineers
    have done it is still not the real “thing” and what is on an LP is not what is in the orchestra pit . Having
    heard the mentioned live I have a different view of this “glorious ” past , graveyard digging into the past seems
    to be an occupational affliction of the opera world .Name a singer and someone will come up with
    a long dead favourite who could not be surpassed etc. etc . May I suggest that what is on an engineered disc
    is never the same as what is heard live and to live this engineering as a true experience carries little weight .

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