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A Mexican Composer Whose Time Will Come


  1. I couldn’t agree more that Revueltas was a great and undeservedly overlooked composer. I played much of everything he wrote with trumpet while playing in the OSEM in Toluca for four years and I was always struck by his music’s inventiveness, colorful orchestration, craftsmanship and unique “Mexicaness” that for me, like other great composers such as Smetana, Dvorak, Elgar, Bruckner, Sibelius and Copland, captured the spirit of his country.
    The story on the street in Mexico (well, other musicians) was that Chavez, who also ran the conservatory, deliberately sidelined Revueltas at times as it would seem there wasn’t enough room for two internationally known composers in Mexico. I do think Noche de los Mayas is a terrific work, one that is haunting and easily enjoyable. It’s biggest barrier is that it’s expensive, requiring some dozen or more percussionists. That’s a deal breaker right there in the orchestra business, confining it to college enterprises. Homage to Garcia-Lorca gets played here and there and of course, Sensemaya is his representative work that gets the most airtime. Perhaps his time will come in a significant way in the US as political pressure mounts for orchestras to be multi-cultural, somehow.

  2. Thank you for this article which is both informative and does a great service to acquaint those who are not familiar with Revueltas’ oeuvre. I think you are on to something – here is the Kronos Quartet interpretation of Sensemaya which was posted to YouTube only 7 months ago:

  3. I never heard about Revueltas before reading your article. It has truly been like a revelation. It’s always nice to discover composers whose works are great but couldn’t reach popularity because of different circumstances at that time.

  4. Bob love says:

    Many thanks for this – Revueltas is a revelation to me. But your last paragraph is confusing. Could you claify the first two sentences? Sorry to be a bother. Again, MANY thanks!


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