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Ives the Sophisticate


  1. Mark Stryker says:


    Insightful post, thanks. Interestingly, in a review I wrote a couple days ago about the four Ives symphonies played at Carnegie by the Detroit Symphony, I specifically included a rejoinder to those who would brand Ives as a primitive. Also, I should note that I was thinking of you and your championing of Chadwick 3 when I left some some wiggle room in a comment about the the derivative quality of American classical music before Ives (“hardly any”) though you may feel this was not enough. In any case:

    Coda: A long reported piece from the previous day about the post-strike recovery in Detroit:

  2. Robert Berger says:

    Interesting article, but your dismissal of the Sibelius 2nd as “banal” and “cliched” could not be more off the mark ,with all due respect . It’s genuine masterpiece . Another critic who was blind to its greatness was the late
    Virgil Thonson, who wrote that infamous negatove review of the work in which he stupidly called it
    “vulgar,self-indulgent and provincial” and then used this as n excuse to make th eidiotic claim that the New York
    Philharmonic was”not part of New York’s intellectual life” because of this, defaming the orchestra for decades .

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