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The Greatest Film Score You’ve Never Heard


  1. J. Theakston says:

    Must disagree with you on one point, Joe. Modern accompaniment for classic films (silent films excluded) is walking a fine line, not only because of the jarring change in fidelity between dialog and sound effects clashing with the score, but because ultimately, the intent of the original composer’s work is compromised on several different levels. You’re replacing it with THE recording that set the record for audiences when the film was released, thereby compromising the authenticity of the historical experience of viewing the film. No matter what, you’re putting the music ahead of the film, and the result SHOULD be that they are in harmony.

    Also, as has been proven time-and-again with re-recordings of classic film scores, the interpretation of the music ranges from spot-on to extremely derivative. This can mean that while the conductor might pull off an interpretation of the score that is faithful to the original, another presentation may be compromised by a poor or different interpretation.

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