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Schubert Uncorked

Readers of this blog in the New York vicinity will (I hope) be interested to know that I’m producing a take-no-prisoners concert event – “Schubert Uncorked” – this Friday night at The Stone, John Zorn’s club on the Lower East Side. There’s a single, one-hour set at 8 pm. Tickets are $10 at the door. The performers are David Taylor and Bill Wolfram.

Taylor is a subversive bass trombonist – Gunther Schuller once called him “one of the world’s three greatest instrumentalists” (he didn’t say who the other two were).

Wolfram is one of our most outstanding American pianists – whom I featured in my book The Ivory Trade as the quintessential competition loser who deserved to win.

To sample Taylor’s one-of-a kind Schubert (and to learn more about Friday’s event): click here.

To hear Taylor play Schubert’s Arpeggione Sonata on the trombone, click here.

To read my previous blog on David Taylor, click here.

To hear Taylor and Wolfram play the Arpeggione, two late Schubert songs, two late Schubert Klavierstucke, and the Allegretto in C minor, come to Friday’s concert.

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