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Moral Fire and Mitt Romney


  1. This is a little off-topic, but: As for Dvorak’s splendid works, while they certainly cast in new light the fascinating idioms of native American and African music, I believe the fact is routinely overlooked that he also displays the beauties of European music, eastern and western, that ALL of the above are heard in his compositions, and ALL are to be appreciated in those terms. I believe the forest is missed for the trees in Dvorak: His music exquisitely exemplifies the principle of the American “Melting Pot.” Let’s revel in ALL aspects of his music, not just those that may stand out to as “exotic” in terms of Western Art music. (Also, on another note, am I alone in believing that Antonin Dvorak is the most undeservedly neglected composer in terms of scholarship? I find his gift for melody matches Mozart’s and his treatment of motive was as creative as Beethoven’s! Am I alone in this view? Long live dear Antonin!!)

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