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A Message for Young Musicians and Old Orchestras


  1. A fantastic and thought-provoking piece–thank you.

  2. Honigberg says:

    You make many good points Joe. Orchestras need to experiment, reach out and indeed many are. In Your Neighborhood, residencies in different parts of the country, year long programs teaching and coaching talented youths are just a few of what the National Symphony Orchestra offers. Concerts with large screens, accompanying film classics, Disney classics and video game programs attract younger audiences. The ever popular Pops programs attract a different audience as well. But Joe, the need for Beethoven, Brahms, Bach, Schubert, Rachmaninov etc will never wane. Their profundity outweighs all need for sweeping change. No one is swooning at our concerts, thank goodness, but absorption of content is what makes people come back again and again.

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