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North Carolina’s State-Wide Symphony


  1. Private funding is naturally focused on large urban areas where the wealthy live (even if some exceptions exist.) Public funding (such as from the NEH) is naturally focused on a wider and more democratic demographic that can reach all the communities in a state. This is one important reason we need a comprehensive public funding system for the arts like ALL other developed countries have long had.

  2. Brian Bell says:

    Great post, and I’m glad you mentioned the tremendous travel that our fine folks in are doing around NC.
    It brings to mind how the Theodore Thomas Orchestra, with its non-stop travels around the country
    laid the groundwork for resident orchestras throughout this country today.
    If we take Theodore Thomas’ highway from the 19th Century, isn’t this what NCSO doing in the 21st?
    Isn’t this, if not “the” answer for the challenges of orchestras at large today, one of the answers for
    keeping great music financially viable and culturally relevant?

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